I had to play a challenging character in my first film: Vedika Pinto

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A music video “Laggi” became very popular in 2019. This music video was promoted by Bollywood star Salman Khan. Vedika Pinto made her acting debut with this music video. The same Vedika Pinto got the opportunity to act in the film “Operation Romeo” for the first time.

Presenting with Vedika PintoMayapuri”Excerpts from the exclusive conversation held for…

Tell us about your background?

I grew up in Mumbai itself. There was no acting environment in our house. But my parents are associated with the film industry. My father was an ad film maker. He stopped all this 15 years ago. My mother’s reality We are the producers of TV shows. We have had a connection with the media. We started dreaming of becoming a film actress since childhood. I used to imitate Kareena Kapoor by standing in front of the mirror in my childhood. I believe that to be an actress is self Confidence is required. It also takes courage to tell anyone about becoming an actress. Millions of people are eager to join Bollywood. Apart from this, I also had a passion for studies, so in the middle I was deluded. I got a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Policy. Then a decision had to be taken, so I made the final decision to make acting a career.

Some incident happened in childhood,Because of which you thought of becoming an actress?

No… no such incident had happened. I was interested in films since childhood. I used to get so immersed in the cinema while watching the film. Even while reading, I used to get lost in the characters of the book. I did the film in my childhood. “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”, so whole week I kept thinking that I am Poo. I used to imitate in my childhood. But now I have understood that acting is not to imitate anyone. Acting is a very beautiful art. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn and adopt the art.

What kind of training did you take after deciding to pursue acting as a career?

The first training is to self There are many layers. To play a new character, those layers have to be removed, for that too it is important to know the self. Human beings have to face their inner insecurities. It happens, he has to break it to zero. After that, he also did acting workshops with some people including Neeraj Kavi, Neha Vyas, Prashant Singh. I learned something from every acting workshop. I also did theater. Then I did my acting. Prepared his technique. After that, what I got to learn while shooting on the set, was not found in any workshop.

your music videoLaggy” Why did you start with?

I had become a good friend in the workshops we had done. He is older than me and like a brother. I do not question his point. One day he called me and called me to an office in Bandra. There I met the director Had a conversation. It was nice talking to him and when he asked me to do a music video, I didn’t have time to think whether I was doing right or wrong by doing a music video. But I got an opportunity to work in front of the camera If you have seen this music video then you must have found that there is a very different kind of video. But I had full faith in that director and my friend.

music video”Laggy” What did you learn from

Learned about the camera angle for the first time. For the first time saw the set of the film from the perspective of the artist.

on your music video’‘Laggi’ Why was Salman Khan promoted?

It was a matter of pride for me. The famous artist of Bollywood liked my video. On his behest, a lot of people saw that video and people liked it a lot.

Film after doing music video“Operation Romeo” Reasons for deciding to start a career with

I did the music video ‘Laggi’ in December 2019. I auditioned for ‘Operation Romeo’ in January 2020. The music video just happened. I only wanted to do the film. But in that music video, I got an opportunity to show my art. There were five rounds of auditions for this film. These auditions were not held inside the studio. Rather, it happened on the road. Neeraj Pandey did the whole scene on the road by sitting in the car. Then I thought that people who are taking auditions with such seriousness, then they will naturally make a great film with seriousness. Looking for something inside and I had to become the same artist. Then Kovid came. Life had stopped for five to six months. Met Neeraj Pandey sir in the month of October and signed the film.

My question is, is there any particular reason for doing this film?

While doing acting workshops, I understood that I should play only those characters in which I got opportunities to show emotion. It was not easy to play pain, sorrow, confusion, helplessness even in emotion. I had to play a challenging character in the first film. Apart from this, there is also a very strong message in this film.

What is the name of the character of the film?

In this, my character’s name is Neha. Which is a girl from a conservative family of Jaipur. Has come to Mumbai to study and is studying in hostel. She has no siblings of her own. Neha is stagnant. She is calm. .Introverted and shy. Neha and Vedika are the difference between the ground and the sky. Vedika means that I have grown up in Mumbai. We are not afraid. Even if we are afraid, we do not let anyone know. Neha accepts her femininity. In Mumbai she meets Siddharth, due to which she falls in love. But she does not scream and tell people that Siddharth is my boyfriend. Honest love. Always shy. But Then one night his whole world shakes.

What did you do to mold yourself into the character of Neha?

Did workshops too. But I had to separate Vedika’s identity from Neha’s identity first. Then Neha had to be forged. So where is Neha from, what is her personality. What are her intentions. .How is his state of mind…etc.etc.. understood. I got to learn a lot while doing this.

How much do makeup and costume help in playing any character?

Helps. When I used to wear nath in the make-up room after reaching the set, I used to feel that something happened and now I am Neha.

You are also a dancer. How much does this help in acting?

I am a Kathak dancer. My guru Rajendra ji always used to say that learn to dance with your eyes. I had to react with my eyes. My dialogues are very less in this.

What are hobbies?

I am fond of reading literature. Love stories, love to read history. I am fond of listening to music.

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