There will be a new experiment in Jharkhand again

Jharkhand has been a land of political experimentation. Since coming into existence in November 2000, the number of experiments that have been done in Jharkhand in the last 22 years have not been done in 75 years old states. First of all, in Jharkhand itself, an independent MLA became the Chief Minister and successfully ran the government for two years. Be it the case of taking a bribe to vote in the Parliament or the loss of the Chief Minister in the by-election, that too happened in Jharkhand itself. It has happened in Jharkhand itself that the mine was allotted in the name of a Chief Minister, while the Chief Minister is also the Mining Minister. Later, when there was a dispute over this, the mine was returned. In this way the mistake was also accepted. Meanwhile, the political stir has increased in Jharkhand. Although there is a stir there, but this time there has been a stir not because of the BJP, the opposition party of the state, but because of the central agencies, constitutional institutions and courts.

It is not known whether it is a coincidence or any experiment that all the agencies have become active simultaneously. When the complaint reached the Governor regarding the allocation of mines, the Governor immediately sent it to the Election Commission and the Commission issued a notice to the State Government under Rule 192 asking whether the mine was actually allotted to the Chief Minister. If this is proved, which is likely, then there will be a case of abuse of office and the Chief Minister will have to resign. However, it is not certain whether there will be only resignation in this case or there will be a ban on contesting elections. When Sonia Gandhi resigned in the matter of office of profit, there was no bar to contest the elections. But it is a case of misuse of office for profit.

Meanwhile, hearing an old PIL, the High Court has sought a report on the assets and companies of the Chief Minister, his MLA brother and some of his close associates. For this, the court has given two weeks to the Enforcement Directorate i.e. ED and the Registrar of Companies. The Registrar of Companies has the data of companies, which he will give to the court, but what report will the ED give without investigation. Therefore, it is believed that the investigation of ED will start. So, from the High Court to the Governor and the Election Commission to the Central Investigative Agencies have all become active in Jharkhand. Looking at their common action, it seems that some new political experiment will take place in Jharkhand in the coming days.

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