Most Romantic Country In The World | This is the most romantic country in the world, know what is the number of your country?

New Delhi: A lot of information comes in front of us through survey, about which we are not aware, today we have brought a similar news for you, about which you may not know. Yes, in fact a world-class survey was done, which revealed that which is the country in the world where most romantic people live. Let’s know, after all, which country is the most romantic country in the world…

This country is the most romantic

Let us tell you that in this survey, the people of Scotland have been considered the best lovers in the world, which means the people here are the most romantic than the rest of the world. 2,000 people in Britain who took part in the survey admitted that Scottish people are the world’s best lovers among romantic holiday goers. Let’s know what else is in the survey

Such a survey

According to the study, the people of Scotland have left behind the British, Welsh and Irish to French, Italian and American people in this matter. Participants in the quiz were asked to rate their holiday feelings on a scale of 1 to 10, with some countries ranking in the top-10 with scores ranging from 7 to 10. Scotland topped the list with 43 percentage points. While Wales got the last position with 30 per cent marks.

Here is the top 10 romantic countries

Let us tell you that according to the study, a list of 10 such countries has come out where the most romantic people of the world live. The names of these countries are in the first place after Scotland in the list.

Italy (41%), in second place

France in third place (38%),

England in fourth place (37%),

Spain in fifth place (35%),

America in sixth place (34%),

Portugal (32%), in seventh place

Ireland (31%), in eighth place

Sweden (31%) in ninth place and

The name of Wales (30%) is included in 10th place.

Survey done by this company

Regarding this study, 41-year-old Derek Simpson, a resident of Edinburgh, says, ‘The data of this survey by a company called Loveit Coverit does not surprise them at all. Scottish people are adept at the art of attracting their partners and leaving a good impression. Not only this, a spokesperson of the company that conducted the survey said that holiday flings were a part of the trip with culture and food.

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