Capes India Color Flip Skin Review: So Beautiful

So, we have reviewed the Storm Skin by Capes India on Youthistaan a few days back, and we enjoyed our time with the skin. That was a black skin with honeycomb design which looks classy and very minimal. But what if you want something more stylish, more pleasing to the eyes? Well, Color Flip skin is just for you. Right after the Storm skin, we applied this skin on our phone and well it’s just beautiful. Here’s our Capes India Color Flip Skin Review.

Color Flip Skin Review

Here’s our experience with the Color Flip skin. Let’s start with the design first.


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As the name suggests, this skin is full of Colors. There are so many colors hidden on it, and as light moves, all the colors come alive and makes a rainbow pattern which looks very pleasing. The color shines, and shimmering design just looks very cool. When you don’t throw direct light on the skin, it looks way minimal with simple yet unique silver color. As soon as it catches some light from different angles, it will start glowing. In the dark situation with a light on it, captures all the attention.


You must be wondering how tough is it to apply a skin? Well, it’s very easy, to be honest. Capes India has made dedicated video tutorials for almost all smartphones which will help you in applying the skin correctly. The given microfiber cloth also helps in the same.  

We applied the skin for the first time and happy to report that there are no bubbles or any other alignment issue. It’s a very easy process. Clean your phone, put the skin on your phone, align it precisely and then apply some heat.  


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As we have discussed in the Storm Skin Review, Capes India gets 9.5/10 in terms of fitting. There’s no bubble or extra space whatsoever. It melts really well to the curves and does not feel like, it’ll remove.

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You can completely customise your phone with the skin. You can get different color camera covering to make it more beautiful according to your preference. We also got this Charger skin, and it looks cool matching with the phone.

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Quality & Grip

capes india skin review, capes india color flip skin review, color flip skin

I’ve been using this skin for about a week now, and I’ve no complaints regarding the quality. Storm skin offers solid grip due to the honeycomb design, and I was not expecting Color Flip skin to provide the same, but the grip is absolutely good. It never feels like, I’ll fall my phone using one hand. Although skin feels very smooth and premium in hand, it is not slippery at all, and that makes the user experience way better.


We would like to appreciate the packaging of the skin. It comes in an eco-friendly cardboard envelope with minimal design and text on it which looks sick as well protects the skin inside very well. In the package, you will get a microfibre cloth and a welcome template with a QR code. You can scan the QR code to watch the applying guide.  

Should you buy Color Flip Skin?

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Color Flip skin is very unique, stylish, premium and eye-catchy skin from Capes India. It looks very colorful when light strikes on it, whereas it looks suttle and premium in no light. It adds no weight to the phone, protects it from smudges and scratches, makes gripping better and makes your phone really cool, so you should definitely get one.

Skins from Capes India is affordable, and it provides a good value of your money, so you can definitely consider buying one, you will appreciate it for sure. These are our two words on Capes India skin. Buying links are available below. 

They provide Free Shipping on all orders that are paid online, and there is Cash on Delivery option as well. 

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