America will no longer take oil and gas from Russia, China criticizes sanctions on Russia, blames America

New Delhi | Russia Ukraine War: Today is the 14th day of the ongoing bloody war between Russia and Ukraine. But Russian President Putin is not ready to stop the war despite all the persuasion and sanctions. Many countries of the world, together with America, have imposed many economic sanctions surrounding Russia. Now America has also announced not to import oil and gas from Russia.

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Russia attack residential areas

America will also suffer
Russia Ukraine War: After the attack on Ukraine, US President Joe Biden has announced a ban on all oil imports from Russia to weaken Russia economically. However, he has also acknowledged that this will increase oil and gas costs in the US. Let us tell you that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also appealed to America and Western countries to cut oil and gas imports.

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russia ukraine conflict economy

russia ukraine conflict economy

China criticizes sanctions on Russia, blames America
After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China, which shocked the world with Corona, seems to be taking Russia’s side in some way or the other. China has denied the sanctions being imposed on Russia by the US and other countries. Chinese President Xi Jinping, in talks with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, criticized sanctions imposed on Russia for the attack against Ukraine, calling it harmful to all parties. Even China, supporting Russia, has blamed the US and its allies for instigating the conflict.

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