Government’s double attitude in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, it seems that the government is not working under any rules., Rather, work is being done by looking at the name and face. Different actions are being taken against different officers for the same work. The state government has suspended Ajay Kumar Shukla, a junior engineer in the Public Works Department. His fault was that he had changed the color of the board indicating the way to the collector’s residence in Ayodhya. Earlier the board was saffron colored, Which was made green and later turned red. For this he was suspended without any investigation.

But in another incident, the SHO in-charge of a police station was giving advance wishes to an accused BJP candidate to become a cabinet minister, but no action has been taken against him. Its video also went viral, In which SHO Rajkumar Singh was congratulating BJP candidate Dayashankar Singh in advance for becoming a cabinet minister and taking pride in the fact that he is escorting Dayashankar Singh for the first time. think, How can a uniformed officer behave like this?, But when the video went viral, instead of punishing it, an inquiry committee was formed., In which the police officer clarified that he had done this to avoid a dispute between SP and BJP supporters.

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