Tamil Nadu: Minister’s daughter went against the family and got married, now seeking protection

Bangalore | Jayakalyani Demand Protection: Tamil Nadu Minister Dr PK Shekhar Babu (pk sekar babu) daughter has revolted on her own writing. Shekhar Babu’s daughter Jayakalyani (Jayakalyani) has demanded protection from his own family by giving a complaint to the police regarding the safety of his life.

marriage with businessman against family
Jayakalyani Demand Protection: According to reports, the daughter of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Minister Dr PK Shekhar Babu, Jayakalyani married a businessman from Tamil Nadu against the wishes of the family members. After this, while giving a complaint to the police, she said that she and her husband are in danger of life, so police protection should be given.

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Love affair was going on for 6 years
Jayakalyani Demand Protection: If reports are to be believed, Minister Shekhar Babu’s daughter Jayakalyani has appealed to the Bengaluru Police Commissioner for protection. In this regard, she said that, she is married to Satish Kumar and both of them were having a love affair for 6 years. After which they got married according to Hindu customs at Halaswamy Math in the district headquarters city of Raichur, Karnataka. This marriage has taken place against the wishes of the family, so our life is in danger.

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family denied relationship
Minister’s daughter Jayakalyani has said that we have married this marriage of our choice. My parents disapproved of our relationship. Daughter Jayakalyani also alleged that Tamil Nadu Police had kept her in custody for two months.

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