America: The one who killed the school children first shot his grandmother, shared the picture of the rifle on Instagram

Attacker killed 18 children at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, 134 km from San Antonio, killed in a police encounter

Two days ago in the US, an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at an elementary school in the state of Texas, killing 21 people, including 18 children. However, after this the attacker was killed in police action.

Let us tell you that the sound of gunshots was heard at 11:30 pm on Tuesday at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, 134 km from San Antonio. On getting information about the incident, the Texas Police team immediately reached the spot and retaliated and killed the attacker. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the attacker had been identified as Salvador Ramos, a resident of an area near the school.

Let us tell you that in the meantime a new information has come out about the attacker. It is being told in a revelation that the attacker had also fired at his grandmother before carrying out this incident. Not only this, in the initial investigation, the police came to know that the 18-year-old attacker first went to his grandmother’s house, there he opened fire on his grandmother and then entered the school and opened fire indiscriminately. At the same time, the police have also come to know in the investigation that, before committing the incident, the attacker had shared the picture of the AR15-style rifle on his social media Instagram account. According to the police, the mental condition of the 18-year-old assailant was not good.

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