The sensational secret of the author who wrote the novel ‘How to kill her husband’

The crime of murdering her husband was proved against the novelist itself.

A novel was written in America titled ‘How to kill your husband!’ The name of the author who wrote this novel is Nancy Crampton Brophy, who is 71 years old. As interesting and fascinating as the title of the book written by this novelist, so is a period of his life. The police have uncovered the mystery that in the year 2018, Nancy had killed her husband. The court found him guilty of this offense last Wednesday.

Police have told the media that Nancy murdered her husband, Daniel Brophy, at the Egan Kalari Institute where he was serving as a chef. On June 2, 2018, Nancy reached the institute and killed her husband by firing 2 bullets in the kitchen itself. She had left from there after the incident. When the students of the institute saw Daniel’s body lying in the kitchen, the whole matter came to light. Nancy was caught on the CCTV of the college and since then there was a suspicion on her.

According to the report, Nancy committed this murder to get the insurance money of her husband. After the death of her husband, Nancy would get Rs 11 crore. He had also collected parts of the gun with which Nancy had shot and killed her husband, in pieces.

An interesting aspect of this whole incident is that in the novel that Nancy wrote about the topic ‘how to kill her husband’, she has also mentioned about getting the gun in pieces. Following the murder charge, the defense argued in court that since Nancy was writing the novel, she wanted to experience the woman’s character in that novel and that’s why they collected the gun parts. The defense said that Nancy and Daniel were very much in love and that they had been living in love for 25 years. After Nancy was declared a criminal, the defense said they would appeal to a higher court.

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