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YouTube gives Silver Play Button “Award” to renowned Gujarat singer Santvani Trivedi

Popular singer Santvani Trivedi from a small town like Godhra was honoured by YouTube with a silver button. This achievement is no small feat. This achievement is a matter of great pride for Godhra and Santvani Trivedi.

Santvani currently has 1.8 lakh subscribers on YouTube. The number of his fans is increasing day by day, besides people are liking his folk songs very much.

Five years ago today, Santvani started her career and started making videos on various tourist destinations and posting them on YouTube.

She started composing songs in both Gujarati and Hindi languages ​​and his songs were much loved by the audience. So far, Santvani has given more than 20 hit songs.

Recently, Santvani’s original album song “Very Varsad” came out which became very popular all over Gujarat. And this song got the first place in the local radio station of Gujarat.

Apart from this, Santvani Trivedi has given famous songs like Vhalno Daryo (cover song), Unchi Talavadi, Va Vaya ne Vadal, Vadaldi Varsi, Gujarati Love Mashup. Each of these songs was very much loved by the people.

Speaking of consolation, She said that in the beginning, he started making videos by visiting tourist places in North Gujarat so that those places could be introduced to the people.

“I am from Panchmahal. There are many good places to visit here,” She added. And she started making videos from here so that the places could reach the people and be noticed in tourism.

Talking about music, she says that he prefers easy Gujarati music. I’m just interested in classical music. But smooth music remains my first choice when it comes to priorities.

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