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Singer Manish Joshi is all set for his first outdoor shoot Post lockdown!!

It’s been more than four months since we have all been sitting at home and it is about time we resumed our work. During the lockdown, he composed a lot of songs and now he seems to start his new normal by conducting outdoor shoots. So, he is ready to shoot his first music video outside, which he plans to shoot in Gujarat with a limited crew. Manish says,” Stepping out for work after such a long time did make me a little nervous as we all have become used to staying at home and there is this constant fear of contracting the virus, but we have to overcome our fears and get back to work.”

Shooting with a limited crew is a quite difficult task but being positive the singer is all set to suit soon. Due to Coronavirus, a lot of people feel that the new guidelines that demand minimum crew members on the set will make it difficult to work and that’s why they are not attempting to shoot. For this music video, they had planned everything in advance and took up multiple roles. Normally, in any shoot, there is a minimum of 15-20 people on the set including technicians, DOPs, spot boys, costume and makeup artists etc, but now they have to manage with just 3-4 people.

Manish Joshi added,” This first song shoot Post lockdown, would be most challenging as I’m shooting in Gujarat with the most talented DOP and Director. I’ll soon be going to release the title. I’m super excited for shooting in this new normal”

Due to COVID-19, it becomes difficult for everyone to work with a limited crew, but as it is said,’ Creative mind find its way in any situation’. Manish Joshi is also one of them and we are all excited to see him again performing something different as he always does!!

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