WATCH Viral video of a puppy and stealing candy from little girl is too cute

The video, that has left experts in splits, was posted on Pubity has over 2 million views till now.

Viral video

A pretty video of a little puppy is doing rounds on social media and there’s a special reason behind it. In the video, the little girl can be seen walking with a candy in her hand, while a adorable little puppy tries to catch her attention. As the video pregresses, the doggo can be seen making continuous attempts to steal the kid’s candy from her hand and is finally able to do so, leaving the little girl in tears.

The video shows the puppy cleverly distracting the little girl for a moment which makes her drop her candy, which the doggo later on steals from her and runs away. This leaves the toddler in teras, but the puppy can be seen wagging its tail out of joy in the background.

The video, that has left netizens in splits, was shared on Pubity has over 2 million views till now. “The puppy marching off with the candy in the background,” the video caption reads.

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