The country of the world where beer is being made from the water of the gutter, people are enjoying a lot

A special kind of beer is being made and sold in a brewery in Singapore, various experiments are being done to overcome the problem of water

Nowadays there is a severe shortage of drinking water all over the world. To deal with this crisis, beer is being made abroad from human urine. You must have heard about making expensive coffee from animal malls, but now efforts are being made to make beer from human urine. Apart from this, now beer has also been made from gutter water, which is being liked very much by the people.

According to the information, a special kind of beer is being made and sold in a brewery in Singapore and people are drinking it with great pleasure. The name of this beer is Newbrew. Journalist Monica Miller reports that the beer goes through several levels of filtration and is perfectly safe to drink. Any beer is 95% water. Similarly, Nebru is also made from a special kind of water. Water is used in addition to German barley and Norwegian yeast. Neowater is produced by recycling and filtering wastewater from the sewer. This water has been in Singapore for about 20 years. It is also used in Singapore’s water supply. Singapore Water Agency has launched this drink which is also available in shops and bars there.

According to the report, the government in Singapore is working on innovative ways to meet the increasing demand for water. Such measures were taken due to paucity of drinking water. Rainwater harvesting and water imported from Malaysia also meet 40 percent of Singapore’s needs. For the rest of the requirement water or desalinated seawater or salt water left over from sea water is used. Water demand in Singapore is expected to nearly double by 2060. These steps have been taken to overcome the problem of water scarcity in the country. Similar projects are being worked on in parts of the US, including India and China.

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