Vishwajeet: The boy from “Dil Buddhu” on his journey from a small town to the Bollywood industry and early fame

“Do you know what it feels to see a dream and actually achieving it?” We asked Vishwajeet, an Indian actor who we saw in Jubin Nautital’s “Dil Buddhu”.

“It feels liberating and beautiful”. Vishwajeet said.

Vishwajeet debuted with Jubin Nautiyal’s song “Dil Buddhu” three years ago in 2017. Vishwajeet is very dedicated and skilled in his artform and works relentlessly to make his vision true every single day.

Vishwajeet comes from humble beginnings and hails from Majalgaon, a town in Maharashtra. Majalgaon is 418 kilometres from Mumbai and this was the distance between his reality and dreams that he was soon going to cover anyway.

Vishwajeet is a prolific dancer and has a very deep understanding of poetry as well. It is this understanding of various artform that helps him as an artist. This is what he believes that makes him pull off scenes which require expressions.

Talking about his debut in “Dil Buddhu”, he said that people received the song really well and as of now, it has more than 5 Million views. For his audience his expressions and Jubin’s soulful voice did the magic that the song needed to be a success.

Being an Influencer himself, Vishwajeet also understands the power of the media presence but he believes that his work and hustle talks while he likes to keep it subtle. His fans really admire him and he has a great fanbase on the social media platforms. He stays active and he really likes to engage with his audience and fanbase.

“Humility is what makes a man different from the others and successful too. It is a sign that you are secure and working.” Said Vishwajeet as he discussed about his work and his social media presence recently.

He has several projects in hand at the moment that he will reveal to us very soon and we can’t really wait to see his charisma on the screen again. We wish this amazing actor and an amazing human being all the very best for his future projects.

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