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Mayurdhwajsinh Parmar has an apt reply on living a swanky lifestyle

The royal families of India live with pride and are known for their larger than life living style. Living life like a king-size, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar has been bringing a positive impact on everyone with his extraordinary lifestyle. Popularly known as the Yuvraj of the Kanjari state in Gujarat, he is a public servant, a social activist and a philanthropist who has time and again empowered the people of the country with his works.

Being a prominent name in Gujarat, Mayurdhwajsinh has one life motto which he lives by – “Grow and let others grow”. Despite living a life full of luxuries, the social worker and entrepreneur has always remained grounded and has been there for people who are in need. Inspiring people with his excellent works, Mayurdhwajsinh Parmar got into the service of people at a very young age. He says, “We live in a nation where we must strengthen the ties with one another before strengthening ties with other organizations and countries.”

With great fanfare on social media, Yuvraj often connects with the audience and keeps them updated about his work. His sporty and dynamic personality have always given a positive vibe to all his followers on the internet. Recently, he had posted a video on Facebook while playing golf which went viral.

Watch the video here:

Speaking about it, he said, “Golf is my favourite sport and it has always helped me in concentrating about my life goals. Every shot is like a goal which I set which makes me love the sport even more” (smiles). The sole reason behind him being super active on social media is to connect to a larger audience.

According to him, social media can make any individual connect to a wider audience. The social activist who has been a part of the BJP Yuva Morcha has been utilizing the internet in the best possible way and is connecting to the audience, thus bringing a wave of change in their lives. Lastly, when he was asked about his lavish lifestyle, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar stated that such lifestyle comes with great responsibility. “I have been thriving for excellence to continue the legacy passed by my father Jaydrathsinh Ji Parmar”, he added.

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