Vipassana – Experiencing Reality ‘As It Is’

Vipassana, Which Means to See Things as They Really are. It is One of India’s most Ancient Technique of Meditation. Gotama Buddha rediscovered it more than 2500 years ago and was Taught by him as a Universal Remedy for Universal Ills.

Vipassana: Enjoy 10 Days Of Silence!

The main mantra expressed in Vipassana is ‘be happy.’ Everyone’s idea of happiness is different in the external world. The experience aims to promote happiness is all aspects of your life which ultimately positively impacts those you encounter too.

It is a way of Self-Transformation through Self-Observation. It Focuses on the Deep Interconnection between Mind and Body. Which can be Experienced Directly by Disciplined Attention to The Physical Sensations that Form the Life of The Body, and That Continuously Interconnect and Condition the Life of The Mind.

Vipassana meditation originated in India but eventually, the technique became lost from the country over centuries.

Vipassana Centers

The first center became operational in Igatpuri, Maharashtra in 1974. it has grown over to 168 centers all over the world. In addition to this, Vipassana students conduct meditation sessions at an additional 129 non-centers in various locations.

The Technique of Vipassana Meditation is Taught at Ten-day Residential Courses. During these Participants Learn The Basics of The Method and Practice Sufficiently to Experience Its Beneficial Results.

There are no Charges for The Courses – not Even to cover the Cost of Food and Accommodation. All Expenses are Met by Donations From People Who, having Completed a Course and Experienced the Benefits of Vipassana, Wish to Give Others The Opportunity to also Benefit.

You should experience this 10 days silent retreat.

The whole point of Vipassana is to decondition the mind so that one can live a happy life. Life is full of love, compassion, and goodwill for all.

-Satya Narayan Goenka

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