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Monsoon Driving Tips

We all love a long drive in such a beautiful rainy season. But take care while driving. You should know the following Monsoon driving tips for a happy & safe long drive. Happy Monsoon!

Check Before You Leave

Give a glance to your tyres. Check for cracks and see that the tyre pressure and tread depth are fine.


Wiper Is Must

Remember to top-up wiper fluid and keep wipers clean.


Slow Down

Roads tend to get slippery in rains and if your tyres aren’t in the best of conditions, you may lose traction and lose control.


Break old Brakes!

If your brake calipers are rusty or old, they are bound to malfunction when they get wet. Check if they need to be replaced.


Be Ready at All Times

Keep an Umbrella/Raincoat, flashlight, and spare tools all through the monsoon to be ready at all times.


Keep an eye on the road

Pay attention to any puddles, live wires or sinkholes on the roads. Try avoiding submerged roads as much as possible.


Gear Up!

While driving, maintain a lower gear so as to get better control of your car in case of bad traction on slippery roads.


Park Smart

NEVER park your vehicle below a tree or an electric pole to avoid the risk of damage.


Keep Distance

Brakes work less effectively in the rains which increases chances of collisions. So maintain good distance while driving.


Lower the Beam!

When you drive on a high beam, you tend to temporarily blind the drivers coming towards you because of the strong light.


Be a Middle Man!

The sides of the roads tend to get waterlogged the fastest. Stay in the middle lane to avoid this.

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