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Vibhishan of Ramayan had committed suicide

Ramayan Actor Mukesh Rawal Story: The TV serial Ramayana created by Ramanand Sagar has been the best TV serial of its era. In this TV serial, people still remember the roles of Lord Ram, Laxman, Vibhishan, Ravana etc. Actor actresses. Today we will talk about Mukesh Rawal who plays the role of Vibhishan. Please tell that today Mukesh Rawal is not among us. He died in the year 2016. How did Mukesh get the role of Vibhishan? Come, we are going to tell about the secret of his death. Let us talk about this today.

Mukesh Rawal committed suicide


According to the news, Mukesh Rawal had committed suicide. His dead body was found in mutilated condition on the track near Kandivali station in Mumbai. But today we talk about why he did this. It is said that he was in deep shock after his son’s death. Actually, 2 children were born in Mukesh’s house, he has a daughter whom he had married, while one child had already died. It is said that Mukesh had become completely alone after his daughter’s marriage and went into depression in the memory of his son, in the meantime he ended his life by coming under the train.

Gave audition for two roles

Mukesh told that he was associated with the theater for a long time and it was during this play that Ramanand Sagar’s eyes fell on him. Mukesh auditioned for the role of Vibhishan along with Meghnath, later he was offered the role of Vibhishan.

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