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Rubina dilaik’s younger sister tied the knot

Rubina Dilaik Sister Wedding: These days there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house of famous TV industry actress Rubina Dilaik. Rubina Dilaik’s younger sister Jyoti Ka Tilak has tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Rajat Sharma. Rubina Dilaik has shared many pictures of her sister Jyotika Dilaik’s wedding on social media. In which Rubina Dilaik’s sister was looking beautiful, the actress was also adding to her charm.

Rubina’s sister looked beautiful in Bala


TV industry’s famous actress Rubina Dilaik has shared some pictures on Instagram in which her sister is seen in a beautiful red dress. While sharing this picture, Rubina has also shared an emotional post. Rubina wrote, “And our little girl is now married. Jyotika Dilak Rohini Dilak. I could never be so happy. Rajat Sharma because you have entered our family in our house now and forever as Abhinav Shukla and Sarthak as the bride’s brother.”

Enjoyed a lot in turmeric too

Rubina Dilaik also had a lot of fun in her sister’s turmeric ceremony. Rubina to her sister while applying turmeric

She was seen calling out. Rubina’s sister Jyotika is looking very beautiful in these pictures. Fans are also showering a lot of love on these pictures.

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