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User trolled Kajol on skin colour, gave a befitting reply

Kajol is known as an active user of social media, on which she also makes many funny posts and funny comments. He has been a part of the Hindi film industry for more than 3 decades, that’s why his cool style is not hidden from anyone. But now on sharing a photo, a person on social media tried to troll her regarding the color of her skin, after which her reply is spreading its wings everywhere.


Kajol has been trolled many times for getting skin whitening surgery done. While she has always denied such reports. Netizens mostly used to comment that she is becoming ‘fair’ in the photos seen on social media. More recently, she gave a befitting reply to such people on her Instagram and revealed the secret of her fair complexion.

Kajol replied

In her Instagram story, Kajol has been questioned over the years as how did she become fair? Photo share in response to this While doing this she wrote, “For all those who ask me how I became so fair. #sunblocked#spfunbeatable (sic).”

Kajol’s opinion about skin whitening surgery

In one of her old interviews, Kajol had rubbished the rumors about her skin whitening surgery. He had said, “I have not done any skin whitening surgery. I’ve just been away from the sun. For 10 years of my life, I worked in the sun all the time, due to which I became dark and now I do not work outside. I have become fair by keeping distance from the sun. This is not a skin whitening surgery, this is a stay at home surgery.”

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