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Sara Ali Khan was inappropriately touched by a girl at the airport

Fan Tries To Touch Sara Ali Khan Inappropriately: Often actress Sara Ali Khan is seen clicking selfies and photos with her fans at the airport. But recently, an incident happened with him at the airport, which has troubled his fans and people watching the video. At the moment, the way Sara Ali Khan has handled this whole situation, it is definitely praiseworthy and the fans praised her fiercely for it.

The actress was spotted at the airport


In fact, recently Sara Ali Khan was spotted at the airport with her mother Amrita Singh. During this, some of his fans surrounded him and started taking photographs with him. The actress was also happily seen clicking photos with her fans. Only then a woman was seen trying to shake hands with him. When Sara shook hands, the woman while passing by tried to touch Sara in an offensive manner. Sara Ali Khan was also shocked by his behavior in a moment. But still he acted with calm nature in this situation.

fans got angry

Seeing his video, people got angry and gave different reactions. Commenting on this video, a user wrote, “She was trying to snatch Sara’s jewelry. How bad is it to see. What will happen to India. Another said, “Why enter someone’s personal space, congrats to Sara for keeping calm.” Another said, “Sara is very mature and her mother has raised her very well.”

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