US Supreme Court allows handing over of Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress

Washington. The US Supreme Court on Tuesday paved the way for former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to be handed over to a congressional committee after a three-year legal battle. The court rejected Trump’s request to issue an order in this regard. Had the order been issued by the court, the release of six years’ tax returns of the former president would have been barred.

The court denied the former president’s application to issue an order that would prevent the Treasury Department from providing six years of tax returns for Trump and some of his businesses to the House Ways and Means Committee. Trump is the only president in recent times to have refused to release his tax returns during his successful 2016 election campaign or four years in the White House, saying he was “audited”. Its being done. Last week, Trump announced that he would run for president again in 2024.

Trump said in a message on the social media network that the Supreme Court’s action set a terrible precedent for future presidents. He accused the court of being a political institution. “Why should anyone be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do that!” he said.

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