UK: Husband refuses to help with household chores, wife alleges rape

Both had divorced due to wife having affair with someone else

Fighting between husband and wife is not a big deal. Many cases of quarrel between husband and wife are heard, but in Worcestershire, UK, a surprising case of rift between husband and wife has come to the fore. In this strange case, it happened that when the husband refused to help the wife in the household chores, the wife filed a rape case against the husband. Yes! The wife made her husband a rapist in front of the police just for not helping with the housework.

First got married, then got divorced

According to the information received in the case, 61-year-old Sharon was married to David 21 years ago. Everything was fine between them in the beginning but then quarrels started between the two. In such a situation, getting fed up with the constant quarrels, both decided to separate. However, during the divorce case hearing in Worcestershire Court, UK, it was revealed that Sharon was having an affair, which she also admitted and that is why David decided to separate from her and move to another home.

Threatened by sending message

Last year, Sharon sent David several abusive messages and threatened to help him with the housework. He asked David to quit his job and help with the housework. She also threatened that if he did not do so, she would file a police case against him.

court sentenced

According to a London daily report, between March and April, Sharon sent David 216 messages, in which Sharon called David the robot nanny and many more abusive-abusive things. On Monday, the court convicted him for blackmailing and sentenced him to two years and three months’ imprisonment. But as soon as the court sentenced her, she started crying. The court then quashed his sentence and ordered him to be sent to a correctional center for 30 days.

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