This Indian doctor living in Ukraine built a bomb proof house for his pets in the midst of the war

If any zoo refused to keep Dr. Girikumar’s black panther and jaguar, the doctor stayed in Ukraine with his animals, the cost of building a house was 80 lakhs.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last three months. Both the countries have suffered a lot in this war. Apart from these, other countries are also struggling with its impact. Before the start of the war, the Indian government took its citizens out of Ukraine by launching Operation Ganga, but Indian-origin doctor Girikumar Patil has been living in Ukraine for the last six years. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have caused many Indians to return to India, but Andhra Pradesh doctor Girikumar decided to stay with his animals in Ukraine. They have Black Panther and Jaguar.

According to a report in March, Girikumar Patil had adopted two domesticated cats from Kyiv Zoo about 20 months ago and refused to leave the cats in Ukraine and come to India. Not only this, Girikumar Patil has built a bomb proof shelter worth more than 80 lakh rupees for the safety of his animals. “I am building a 200-metre long bomb-proof house,” he said. I have no way out because the zoo is not ready to keep these animals. He further says that my parents are calling me and calling home, but I cannot leave my animals. After two months in the tense atmosphere of Ukraine, he finally decided to come to India, but the local constable also threatened him as a criminal.

Let us tell you that Patil says that after coming to India, he will meet the officials and do whatever he has to do to bring his animals to India. Patil came to Ukraine in 2007 to study medicine and has been working as an orthopedic surgeon since 2014.

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