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Bhopal. What is the rationale of Agniveer Yojana to save 75% of the pension of army personnel when it is not made?

Why don’t Agniveers get military respect and even after completing four years, they don’t get the facilities of ex-servicemen? Neither they medical facilities nor as ex-servicemen why they do not have facilities like petrol pump-gas agency etc.? Will he remain as the bat man of the officers in the regiment? He will neither have any rank nor will he have any responsibility in the regular army. But in the coming statement of the generals, it is being said that he will be appointed with the platoon but what will be his rank is uncertain. If they are sent on patrol, how many regular soldiers and how many agniveers will be in the section commander’s squad? Will their capability be equal to that of the soldiers, if not then will they not become fodder for terrorists and enemy bullets from the front?

Agniveer scheme is the only means to save 75 percent of the amount of the same political leadership pension, which government came elected on the promise of One Rank One Pension?

In six months of training, it is only about handling the weapon and transporting the partner to a safe place after being injured. Remembering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Punjab at this time, in which he said that I am going to save to tell the Chief Minister of Punjab! Can the protection that was done at that time be possible by the firefighters. Police training is also of 38 months. So far it has not been made clear how much and in which field will be useful after his training is removed from the army. The statements which are coming in and whatsapp university that most will be qualified for security guard and motor mechanic and barber etc. Is it not right that they will be put on guard duty in corporate institutions? Whereas most of these Agniveers have an undergraduate education.

Even after serving in the army, they will not get the status of an ex-serviceman, because the medical and other government places that the ex-servicemen get from this status will not get the facility of getting jobs!

Then how will these Agniveers be displaced? What is the guarantee that there will be no laughter like the government’s statement and the promise of 15 lakhs? Because right now the winning places are reserved for the ex-servicemen in the government, the state governments are not able to follow them. In the last 5 years, 6 people have not been taken on 60 vacant posts in government jobs in Madhya Pradesh. The matter is going on in Jabalpur High Court. People should not dream of their displacement by relying on the state governments. Displacement is to be expected, this is the condition there.

Now think that this is not a short service commission – on the contrary, they will not have any rank – or even rights. Will they be employed only on sentry duty? So Agniveer will only take care of the “coat”. The generals who are saying today that they will be put on duty at Simma, how true is their statement? There is a special type of dress on the snow-filled peaks, then there are opportunities to shoot there because the snowflakes fall due to the firing of bullets on these snowy mountains. That is why in the past, when there was an encounter with Chinese soldiers, then firearms were not used from either side. This thing is taught to the soldiers posted in glacier for 6 -6 months, in a special course, is such course possible in the service of three and a half years of Agni Veero.

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