Most Expensive Tea: This ‘Lakhtakia’ tea of ​​Assam is one and a half times more expensive than silver, you would not want to know the name!


Most expensive tea


  • The name of the world’s most prized tea is Pabhojan Gold Tea.
  • This tea has been auctioned at the rate of Rs 1 lakh per kg.
  • Only 1 kg of leaves of this tea have been produced.

Can you imagine that the price of tea found in every kitchen in India would be so high that you have to make a vault for it at home? Yes, a variety of tea in Assam, famous for its special tea around the world, is so expensive that you can buy one and a half kilograms of silver for its price.

For your information, let us tell you that the name of this prized tea is Pabhojan Gold Tea. This rare variety of organic tea is grown in the Golaghat district of Assam. On Monday, at an auction center in Jorhat, the price of this edible tea was auctioned at Rs 1 lakh per kg. This is the highest price in the history of Indian tea trade. Please tell that only 1 kg of leaves of this tea have been produced.

tea more expensive than silver

  • The name of the world’s most prized tea is Pabhojan Gold Tea.
  • This tea was auctioned at the rate of Rs 1 lakh per kg
  • This rare variety of tea is grown in Golaghat, Assam.
  • Only 1 kg of leaves of this tea have been produced.
  • Last year, Manohari Gold Tea was sold for Rs 99,999.

what is the quality of this tea

An official of the Jorhat Tea Auction Center (JTAC) said that the tea sold by Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate was bought by Assam-based tea brand Essa Tea. Pahojan Gold Tea is a tasty yet bright yellow drink and is made by plucking the top leaves of a second batch of tea from the tea gardens. These leaves later turn golden in color and the drink acquires a rich color.

Special for tea connoisseurs

Bijit Sarma, CEO of Essa Tea, the company that bought Pobhajan tea at such an exorbitant price, said that this variety of tea will help them in providing one of the finest tea blends in Assam to their customers. This tea variety is rare and “for tea connoisseurs, it is a different experience in this one cup. Our customers are spread across the globe and will understand the taste and value of this variety. We are glad that we have been able to continue our mission of providing them with the taste of real Assam tea.”

Production of only 1 kg of tea

Rakhi Dutta Saikia, owner of Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate, said, “We have produced only one kg of this rare variety of tea and are delighted with the new record-breaking price we have received for it which has created history. The price it fetched is something that will help the Assam tea industry regain its lost fame.

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