‘Strict’ Vishnudutt’s stamp on the thinking of ‘vigilant’ Shivraj…

Bhopal. BJP has finally got rid of criminal tendency candidates.. At present, the message for civic elections is big. It will be considered the result of the vision of Chief Minister Shivraj. Are you involved.. Or arbitrariness and pressure politics in ticket distribution will not work at all.. It is not that candidates with criminal background will not be found outside Bhopal in BJP.. At present, this decision is limited to the cases reached by the 3 member appeal committee constituted by the party. It is believed that with the beginning of the campaign for the civic elections, the agenda was set by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan while alerting with foresight ..

State BJP President Vishnu Dutt Sharma not only pursued it vigorously .. but expressed his intentions in the press conference to a great extent .. Shiv-Vishnu pair through this to create an environment for civic elections. Tried it.. So somewhere the message was also given for the 2023 assembly elections.. If the habitual and notorious criminals are declared unfit in the criterion of the councilor candidate, then it will definitely be seen by connecting it to the future politics.. That is another matter. National President JP Nadda’s efforts to save familyism got a setback in the civic elections.. When moving ahead on the politics of convenience, the leader turned away from the sons, but ignoring the Moon active worker, instead of the male leader worker, ticket to his wife and relative in many seats. Women workers were given due attention.. In such a situation, most of the tickets were given to the wives of the leaders of the workers.

Criminalization will become an election issue with legacy politics
BJP’s appeal committee played the role of investigation committee

… the question is legacy politics with familyism, if the state leadership has conveyed the message through criminal to the national leadership of the party. .. the question is bound to arise, will the candidates of criminal background not be seen fighting the BJP in the whole state. In the elections, all the possibilities of any compromise for the sake of the politics of principles have been eliminated.. The big question, serious on criminalization of politics, will the BJP go to the extent to find out that whose tickets were cut due to criminal background.. After all, their recommendation Who made the recommendation, after all there was a nexus between the two or is it something else, whose protection was they till now… So will such a leader, even if he is an MLA, will force him to think about the organization.. Big question in Bhopal after Indore. This decision was taken under the direct supervision of Chief Minister Shivraj. Seehat, warning for the anti-Congress or even for those close ones who had put pressure on the organization for the candidate of mayor’s ticket.

The issue of criminalization of politics is not new for BJP.. Due to the concern and decision of Shiv-Vishnu pair in Madhya Pradesh, this body is going to become a big issue in the elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had advocated not to deliver the leader, .. The record of Parliament and MPs is enough to question the meaningful effort of a positive thinking. I .. It got its strength when rigging and grandeur in ticket distribution on social media different from the principles, ideology and principles of BJP came to the fore with such faces against whom serious allegations of habitual and notorious criminal were leveled from within the party. .. in Indore episode the ticket of one was changed .. then two councilors of the capital had come under suspicion .. they were given ticket by the party and the announcement was also made by the divisional committee .. ticket inside the party When the angry leaders created a ruckus over being cut..

So the appeal committee constituted by the organization was doing its investigation while fulfilling its responsibility.. who are the people who took the councilor’s ticket and whose background is criminal. Started the work of investigation. In which order was given to change the names of the candidates who were given two tickets for the capital Bhopal.

Shivraj is as always vigilant in the civic elections, who have already told before the distribution of tickets, the election will be fought by putting the lotus flower symbol in front. That is, the individual and the candidate does not matter much, the party is everything. The worker gets a chance. The matter of prestige was fulfilled by the state president Vishnu Dutt.. When two criminal backgrounds completely expose the leaders of their own party.. This message of Shiva and Vishnu is to win the trust of those workers who must have tickets. Not found and their anger should not spoil the mathematics of the election.. Even after telling JP Nadda bluntly and candidly on familyism, the wife of workers was awarded tickets to many seats in the capital Bhopal alone. Everyone is keeping silence stating the criteria .. this issue would gain momentum and the workers would get frustrated, meanwhile criminalization was made a new big election issue.. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan even directly targeted the Congress on criminalization of politics. Took it .. in such a situation it is necessary to raise the question .. what Presented by the example organization in Indore and Bhopal, it will also be seen at the municipal level ahead of other metropolitan and municipal corporations.

Although both the Chief Minister and the State President have kept political police cases and family disputes away from it. What explanation will be sought from the person who revealed the name in the meeting of the district and divisional committee and agreed to it .. the question was under the pressure of the MLA and the minister or whether it was the mistake of the MLA knowingly or unknowingly .. or it should be done by the mayor. It will be seen from the tug of war of ticket and its claim.. The stake, when he is using his power. The organization and the Chief Minister’s choice were left far behind.. The argument was given that the MLAs together would bring Malti Rai BJP candidate from their constituency to victory..

After all, what is the math behind this.. How did Malti, who lost the councilor’s election, become everyone’s choice. Due to lack of time, the decision was left to the BJP MLAs..and in ticket distribution, these MLAs and the defeated MLA candidates of the area played their own volition.. The result came out with the names of candidates from criminal background..or again MLA and organization To be seen as a difference of opinion and competition. But the pressure to bring forth a new leadership and the expectation of the workers is both attached.. Those who are interested in taking forward the agenda of the state president and the organization general minister..

Narela assembly constituency is in a lot of discussion in Bhopal Municipal Corporation elections .. because of it being MLA Vishwas Sarang in Shivraj cabinet and district president Sumit Pachauri joining Vishnu Dutt’s team from this area.. Not only this Malti Rai Mayor’s candidate also comes from this Narela area.. Despite the competition of MLAs in the capital, it is well known that Rameshwar Sharma and Krishna Gaur’s stamp is on the choice of Malti Rai Minister Vishwas Sarang.. Not only this, former MLA, former minister Umashankar Gupta It was also taken into confidence.. However, MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur was not given much attention.. Question: The tough decisions taken by Vishnu Dutt Sharma after ticket distribution as state president. Comes ..if the MLA is successful in getting the favorite councilor ticket to his favorite ..then can this MLA try to put pressure on the organization for his ticket also ..the two questions whose ticket was cut if he is Vishwas Sarang Did he want to create controversy? But the second choice would not have been taken care of.. If the organization showed its strength by coming out from outside, are the MLAs and their supporters spreading any ideas from inside..

Sandesh Vishwas also gave that he knows how to use both political foresight and his ability for his supporters. Vishwas Sarang is counted as a seasoned politician of the new generation. Taking special interest in making Malti Rai as the mayor, he must have prepared the agenda of development in the assembly area before the upcoming elections. In ticket distribution, whether it is the district president or other leaders, who did not work, where the MLA dominated, where the union minister could not get their expectations fulfilled by the organization.. All this is yet to come to the fore. That clout in councilor ticket is not visible from metropolis to municipality .. which was ever seen from Shivraj cabinet to Vishnu Dutt’s BJP ..

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