Technology: Musk did what he said, Tesla launched its humanoid robot Optimus at AI event

The launch event saw a prototype of the robot walking on stage and shaking hands in front of an audience, capable of performing human functions.

Elon Musk’s name is not only popular as the world’s richest man, but also for nurturing new ideas and promoting new technology. Musk often talks about building technology to make the future better. Elon Musk dreams of settling humans on Mars. Musk’s Tesla Auto Pilot cars, which built companies like Tesla and SpaceX, are the best example of how Musk and his company Tesla are working towards a better future. Now in this episode, on Friday, Musk launched his humanoid robot Optimus in an AI event. With this launch he has done what the world is just imagining.

This humanoid behaves exactly like humans

Let us tell you that about this humanoid, the billionaire businessman of America said that the robot business will be more successful than his car business. At the launch event, the prototype of the robot was seen walking on the stage and shaking hands in front of the audience. People were also shown a video in which robots were seen lifting boxes, watering plants and performing human-like tasks. At a ceremony held at the Tesla office in California, Musk said that our aim is to make the earliest useful humanoid robot.

What can this robot do?

Regarding his humanoid, Elon Musk says that initially the Optimus will perform dangerous tasks like turning things around in Tesla’s factories and tightening car bolts with a wrench. Musk says that in the future these robots can be used for household chores and even as sex partners.

When can production start

It is worth noting that in August last year, Musk told about Tesla’s plans to build a humanoid robot at an AI event and presented his prototype within a year. To finalize the prototype, he organized the event in late September instead of August. It is estimated that the production of this humanoid can start from next year. The most important test for a robot is whether it can handle unforeseen situations. Hennie Ben Amor, a professor of robotics at Arizona State University, said that building human-like hands that can hold and lift objects is extremely challenging.

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