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Sword on Lalu, Soren and Mamta family

In the last Lok Sabha elections, one of the three-four states where the BJP got windfall gains is West Bengal, where the BJP unexpectedly won 18 seats. BJP got 12 seats in Jharkhand for the second time in a row. BJP’s seats in Bihar were 17 less than the 23 it got in 2014. But overall the NDA seats had increased from 32 to 39. In this way, the BJP got 47 seats in three states of Eastern India – Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. BJP cannot afford the loss in these three states. That is why central agencies are most active in these three states. Therefore, their activity will increase in the coming days.

After the overthrow of power in Bihar, JDU President Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh said that an attempt was made to threaten RJD by phone. Intimidation over phone calls has its place, but with speculation about Nitish Kumar switching sides in May, an FIR was registered in a recruitment scam that took place when Lalu Prasad was railway minister. Raids were conducted at the houses of Lalu, including his family members and associates. When this did not work out, in July Lalu’s closest aide Bhola Yadav was arrested. In the case in which Bhola Yadav has been arrested, the names of his two daughters including Lalu Prasad and Rabri Devi are also named. There is already a case of disproportionate assets against Tejashwi Yadav and other family members. All these cases can be reopened.

On the other hand, amazing is happening in Jharkhand. There have been three serious attempts to topple Hemant Soren’s government in the last one and a half years and each time the attempts were unsuccessful. In this one and a half year, the investigation of all the central agencies has started in Jharkhand. ED has arrested state mining secretary Pooja Singhal. The ED has arrested Pankaj Mishra, the MLA’s representative to the Chief Minister. The ED is questioning the Chief Minister’s media advisor. All are different cases. There is a complaint in the Election Commission regarding the Chief Minister getting the lease of the mine in his name and the sword of termination of membership is hanging on him and his MLA brother. A PIL of investigation of alleged four hundred fake companies is in the High Court, whose maintainability has been accepted by the High Court. Now the matter has reached the Supreme Court. The investigation in this case has to be known to the CBI. A case of disproportionate assets against the Shibu Soren family is in the Lokpal, which has been preliminary investigated. His decision is to come at the end of this month. So, there is no body left including Income Tax, ED, CBI, Lokpal, Judiciary, Election Commission which is not investigating or going to initiate investigation against Soren family and their close ones in Jharkhand.

In West Bengal too, all agencies are after Mamta Banerjee’s family members and her close associates. The ED has arrested Partha Chatterjee, the number two minister in his government. One of his closest leaders and big bahubali Anubrata Mandal has been arrested by the CBI in the cattle smuggling case. Mamta’s nephew Abhishek and his wife are under investigation in the coal smuggling case. On a petition filed five years ago, the High Court has also made the ED a party in the property case of 19 Trinamool Congress ministers. These 19 leaders include seven ministers and big leaders close to Mamta.

In this way, the family members and close associates of Lalu Prasad in Bihar, Shibu Soren in Jharkhand and Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal are not going to get rest. All these will continue to be probed till the next Lok Sabha elections. The sword will hang. If necessary, there will be arrest. In any way, work will be done on the plan to not allow loss in these states.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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