Swapnil Jamne: An Influencer Working Hard To Turn His Dream Into Reality

Swapnil Jamne, A very young power from Balaghat, a town of Madhya Pradesh. Currently, He lives in Bhopal. He is chasing his dream by Quotes, Memes, Inner Feelings at such a tender age of 20.

The Journey Of Swapnil Jamne

He has completed his 12th and his current occupation is managing Instagram & Facebook pages. He started his journey as a social media handler with “zero” Follower and now he himself is the owner of “1M+” followers base. which is a really huge followers base count!

At this age when most of the students are busy in learning history, Swapnil is busy in creating his own.

He is also helping many small Influencers and Brands to grow their audience on Instagram.
He told that “I created the pages only for fun but now I have own business at such a young age & I’m earning a good amount of money from it”
His dream is to be one of the top Digital marketers in Bhopal.

His Motto, “Move in silence, Only speak when it’s time to say Checkmate.

Isn’t He a true Influencer? Feel free to follow him on Instagram @swapnil__jamne

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