Sujal Jethwani: An 18-Year-Old Successful Entrepreneur

Sujal Jethwani, An 18-year-old Entrepreneur from Indore, India. Sujal has made a mammoth name in the digital marketing world. Having over 2.7million+ self-owned Instagram network and his company have served more than 500+ Clients from 30+ countries worldwide. Sujal is an influencer, entrepreneur and a Google certified digital marketer.


Since childhood, he had been keenly interested in trying new things. His teachers recall that his thinking style was different from any other individual in the class. He never hesitated in experimenting. Sujal said that On 1 July 2017 in midnight he was Really sad Because of some personal problems, and he wants someone to come and Support him and Motivate him during his worst time he wants Someone to Say “Don’t lose the faith in you and just keep on moving” on that day he felt that there are so many people in this world who are facing same problems as he did, and they need someone to Motivative and bring There life back on track and here’s the idea of LOSER2LEADER page came into action and slowly he started working on it and today his page is one of the biggest Motivational pages on Instagram with over 6 lakh followers.

Sujal Jethwani

Turning Point

In beginning Sujal post and grow page just for fun but as soon as he found that he can earn money from Instagram it became his biggest Turning point. And from there he never looks back He made/buy many new pages and now he owns 2.7m+ network and worked with 500+ Clients from 30+ different countries worldwide.

Indeed, with his Hardwork, Dedication and passion the company has reached a peak in a very short span of time. As a social media influencer and Marketing Strategist, he has worked with many big names in the digital industry.

Message for Everyone

Sujal believes that this is the new era with new opportunities for everyone and anyone can be an influencer you just need to put a lot of content at a right time (which is now) at a right platform.

If you’re good with speaking start podcast,
If you’re good with images start Instagram page,
Start YouTube if you’re good with videos,
If you’re good with writing start your own blog,
If you’re good with Short videos just start TikTok And build your own fan base and start monetizing it, It’s Simple as that. You can build a business around your Passion by just providing a relentless amount of content on social media.

Don’t lose this opportunity otherwise you might regret some years later :-)Sujal says that one should never stop learning, he believes that the day you stop learning, that day you’ll start Dying. Sujal feels that there is no shortcut to success, one can only achieve success by Smart work, passion and dedication. No wonder why he has tasted so much success in such an early age. Listening To Story of Sujal we can only conclude one thing that Hard work in right Direction always pays off…

And in the end, Sujal Thanked Instagram for giving him this great opportunity and for turning his dreams into reality. (If you want to know more About Sujal you can personally message him on Instagram @SujalJethwanii )

Feel free to follow his Instagram pages.

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