Surat: You have a choice! Understanding its essence, Kishorebhai started a drug-free life.

Adani Foundation team members meet his family and office staff for a drunk man

Adani Foundation members tell Kishorbhai’s family about De-addiction Parivartan Trust

In the beginning of intoxication you don’t understand that one day intoxication will dominate you. Many times a person goes on the wrong path of intoxication due to circumstances, but then he does not understand how to get back from this path. Something similar happened with 45-year-old Kishore Bhai Patel.

Kishorebhai, a native of Mora village in Choryasi taluka of Surat, has two children, a son and a daughter. Both the children work and also do farming, which earns enough to support the family. But after the death of Kishorebhai’s mother in 2002, difficulties started coming in Kishorebhai’s life. Suddenly the responsibility of family and 3 elder sisters fell on him. Instead of trying to recover from work and family, they drown in their misery and, thus, experience more failure.

Kishorbhai was intoxicated for nearly 20 years and his condition worsened with time. In the last 5-6 years, he started beating his wife and children after drinking alcohol. Not only this, the people of the village Used to fight together The situation became such that his behavior with family members and outsiders also started deteriorating. Kishorbhai started going to work for only 10-15 days counting in a month. After coming drunk, he was also asked not to come to work from the office. Meanwhile, Adani Foundation team members met his family and office staff. He came to know about Kishorebhai’s addiction, it was the time of 2020.

Adani Foundation members informed Kishorbhai’s family about the de-addiction program. Kishore Bhai persuaded to send him to the de-addiction center of Parivartan Trust for 21 days. In the end, Kishorebhai, who joined this de-addiction program for 20 days in February 2021, also tried to absolve him. But on the persuasion of the team, he successfully completed the 21-day program here. Thereafter he also started attending regular follow-up sessions. Then he swore that he would no longer take alcohol. Not only this, now he is also persuading other people of the village to stay away from alcohol. So far he has convinced two other people to be a part of this de-addiction programme. Both of these people have also completed this program. Teen brother gets old job after getting rid of drugs

Miles too. Now he is doing his job diligently. Seniors are also happy with the work of his colleagues and Kishore Bhai.

Talking about his drug free life, Kishore Bhai says, Thank God for giving me such a family. I was sorry to learn that I could not be with my family when they needed me. My intoxication was taking me everywhere. But my family also supported me in difficult times.

Kishorbhai’s wife Vasantiben said, “Now he is leading a drug-free life. Make the most of it spend time with family and have dinner with family. Really I am grateful to Adani Foundation, Because he has been with us all the time. If you have strong morale then you can get rid of drug addiction and live a new life with family and happiness. And Kishore Bhai has become an example of this.

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