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Man is not capable at the moment!

where is the human resource to save the earth, how smart and intelligent he is, Is it possible that the earth can be saved by the power of a few wise-scientist-truthful gods?, They find solutions to threats like climate through scientific-mechanical measures, Build a settlement on another planet for the protection of human descendants, Assume that the earth should be alive for a hundred or two years by the measures of ICU., If the leading fifty thousand people of developed countries like America settle down on Mars, then what will become of the human crowd (by then 11-12 billion people), our-yours, The children of the present eight billion people after two-three generations will be burnt by fire., water, to die in the deluge of the wind, Like then the earth would be dying!

Hole of the Holocaust-19: Human beings will feel from a detailed discussion of nature that human beings are beyond comprehension. However in the mirror of science everything is clear and transparent. It is an absurd nonsense that man is of special nature. That too is a biological creation like animals. The skull-brain that allowed man to become a separate creature from the Kingdom Animalia was passed on to animal heritage. Like a chimpanzee, man lives in tribes (religion, race, country). If we compare the nature of a person according to the behavior of animals, then it will be understood that man is not only an extension of Kingdom Animalia, but also a hybrid mix of animal temperaments. He has different behavior in the differences of nature. Most of the people in Human Animalia are sheep-goat natured species. Then there are the possessive wild kings, the shepherds. Absorbent, fat pigs are good money animals. Apart from these, the wise-man of rare nature are those who are capable of drinking milk and water separately like a swan. These are the Gods who churn out the pearls of truth.

mechanically difficult

Scientists should further research that it is not the illusion of the nature of the earth, the effect of cosmic energies, which all living beings (including human beings) have different minds about the differences in qualities and demerits, nature and behavior. Is it not because of the cosmic energies—the laws of nature—that the difference of minds and the life of their mechanics and destinies exist?

Fundamentals Where is the human resource to save the earth? How capable and intelligent is he? Is it possible that the earth can be saved by the power of a few wise-scientist-truthful gods? Can they find solutions to threats like climate through scientific-mechanical measures? Build a settlement on another planet for the protection of human descendants? Suppose the Earth remains alive for a hundred-two years by ICU measures, if fifty thousand leading people of developed countries like America settle down on Mars, then what will become of the human crowd (by then 11-12 billion people)? Our-yours, the children of the present eight billion people after two-three generations have to die in the deluge of fire, water and air, just as the earth would die then!

It is possible that such things seem futile, pessimistic, fanciful to scare you in lies.

This is the proof of the ignorance of the human skull, the collective misnomer. It is clear from this that the minds of eight billion people of the earth are without future consciousness. Like lions, wild animals do not know that their species is extinct, so the crowd of eight billion humans, their enclosures, civilizations do not worry about whether their next generations will survive or not? Because the brain is of animal DNA, then the scholars may warn of the end of the earth in a hundred or two hundred years, but the alert will not be formed in the skull of the common man.

man without future vision

In fact, out of the population of eight billion people, there will not be even a few percent of people who have the specialty of being human, that is, knowledge-science and future vision of truth. The hereditary brain of people has not been able to delete the DNA of animal times. He is unconscious as soon as he is aware of them. Only then there is inhuman, animalistic, hellish life in the result. Such a mind cannot be able to save future, future generations.

Every future scenario, every truth of knowledge and science is telling the earth in danger. It is known from science that the mortal existence of the earth (including the solar system), is in the huge magnetic tunnel of the infinite universe and if there is a momentary imbalance, then the cataclysm. The immediate crisis is of the health of the earth. There is a lot of research on the deterioration of health, becoming shabby. For what reasons, due to gases, due to the tendencies of human behavior, the earth is towards destruction, all this is understandable. But the multitude of human beings are not ready to understand the seriousness of this reality despite climate experience. Why?

The reason is the mechanical life of the human crowd. There is mental disorder of brainlessness, hunger, mutual fights. People live in urgency. In fact, the resolutions of human consciousness and intellect are short-lived and of small scope. People live life in everyday headlines. In a population of eight billion people, it is not difficult to estimate what percentage of people live in worry about daily wages and ration and water. Billionaires or Presidents and Prime Ministers, they are also lost in their hunger and lust every day, day to day stock market fluctuations or headlines of that day, moment to moment trends of Twitter. The scalp of 99.9 percent of people is the hostage of immediate worries, thoughts, agenda. The mind is stuck in what is happening now. How many human beings have this luxury that they can take the wings of their mind and intellect and fly like a swan in the infinite sky. Looking at the condition of land-life from above, the pearls of the future will be picked. Searching for truth for humanity.

Even more difficult is the eight billion people being tied up in stories. According to the rough 2020 data, it is estimated that 85 percent of the people of the earth have dedicated their lives to religion and their beliefs. So, out of a population of eight billion, seven and a half billion people consider the creation to be the illusion of God. They will continue to worship God out of concern for themselves and the earth, but will not give up their genocidal nuclear weapons, wars and exploitation of the earth. In those fifteen percent who are atheists, because life is more materialistic, then what percentage of intelligent earth protectors will be among them too!

Human, Earth both unclaimed!

Only then, as the human society is unclaimed, the earth is also unclaimed. Think, 1.91 billion Muslims will focus on the mission to paint the earth or on the health of the earth? Scientists have declared animal husbandry and meat-eating to be responsible for future food crisis and environmental damage, but can Abraham’s children i.e. six billion Christians, Muslims and Jews give up the practice of non-vegetarianism? The same question is about the behavior of non-vegetarian people of 1.16 billion Hindus.

Indeed, man is the nature of the species, which is his behavior of using the earth. How about course correction then? And who will do that? Is it possible from the UN declarations, the Paris Agreement roadmap? Not at all. There are so many types of poisonous gases in the human brain that every person, every country emits heat on each other. It is utterly foolish in its dominance, its bravado of ownership. It will be noted that 35 years ago, the President of Maldives warned in the United Nations that his country was drowning, citing the reality of rising sea level. Three and a half decades old warning. After that, the UN agency has also warned of danger to 52 countries due to the rise in water level. The drowning of 43 island countries and the lives and livelihoods of 200 million people living in the coastal areas of the countries bordering the sea are at risk. But what do you think global human civilization is having to worry about?

No. Why? Because those who drown are living in darkness and superstitions. The wisdom of those who save is the slave of the behavior of human nature. If the island country, like insects and insects, drowns their population, what difference will it make to the crowd of eight billion people? India has the most polluted air. People die early and according to scientific research, India is number one in pollution deaths, so what does this truth, news mean more than a tweet? From India, China, Russia, Brazil to countries with two billion Muslim population and in all totalitarian countries, when people have dedicated themselves to Prime Ministers, Presidents and God, then how will there be a need to change the awareness and behavior in the mind and mind ?

That is why the population of religious people is entrusted to God. People living in dictatorship are locked in cages, slaves of leaders. Only then, in the case of human resources in the recent past, note the fact that only four and a half percent of the people on the earth are living life in a ‘complete democracy’ of a nurturing environment of wisdom-thinking-truth. All other human beings are living the life of sheep in the half-truths, pomp and lies of democracy. Think, if 95 percent of the earth’s population is living in cages, then how is it possible to change their attitudes, save the earth!

Only then history will have to grope, how is he a villain? (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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