Surat: Years old organization Fosta is no longer trusted by traders, new organization created

Most of the traders of the weaving industry have unitedly decided to activate the organization of Surat Weavers Association.

In Surat, the old organization of weavers, FOSTA, has been formed or the new Surat Weavers Association has been formed. After the dissolution of the old organization, a meeting was held for this new organization. The power problem has not been resolved by DGVCL even after presenting it from time to time. There has been a threat of boycott of electricity bill payment if it is not resolved soon.

Let us tell you that Vivo DGVCL has been facing losses due to power cuts for some time now. Even after requesting for this the problem was not resolved. The problem persists even after filing a petition in DGVCL under the leadership of Phogwa, now most of the weaver industries located on Amroli-Sian Road, Laskana and Kamrej have come together and decided to activate the organization of Surat Weavers Association. has decided. For this a meeting was held at Anjani Textile Park. Weavers representatives of Krishna, Vedanta, ABC, Mehak, Anjani, Raghuveer, Aastha, Bahubali, Shivshakti and Laskanani diamond industries were especially present in the meeting located at Amroli Sion Road. It was discussed in the meeting that if the power problem is not resolved, programs including boycott of payment of electricity bills will be organized for the next few days.

It is noteworthy that earlier, money was paid in 100 days for the goods sent to the merchant by Weverso. Surat Weavers Association fought against it. As a result, today’s meeting claimed that the money was being paid in seven days.

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