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Sonal Kaushal – The Voice Of Doraemon and Chhota Bheem

Childhood is incomplete without cartoons like Doraemon, Chhota Bheem and Shinchan. Isn’t it? Not just tiny kids but their parents and grandparents love all these cute cartoon characters. We all love them. How sweet the Doraemon is! How beautiful his voice is. Let’s now talk with Sonal Kaushal, the voice of Doraemon, Chhota Bheem, Shinchan, and so many other cartoons.

Sonal Kaushal is a voice artist. She does the voice over of the most popular cartoon character Doraemon since 2005. She started dubbing for the Doraemon when she was just 13. Not only that, she does the voice over for Chhota Bheem also. Before we start our conversation with Sonal Kaushal Ma’am, how about you listen to the cute voice of Doraemon!

Starting Of The Journey

So, to become a voice artist was not her dream. She started her journey in this field when she was just eight years old with All India Radio, Delhi. She was working as a freelancer when she had completed her graduation. After completing the BEd, she went to Mumbai, the dream city! She started working as a full-time voice artist and completed her MBA there.

The Voice Of Doraemon

the voice of chhota bheem sonal kaushal

She started dubbing for the very popular Japanese cartoon Doraemon in 2005. Every Indian home listens to her voice daily. We all love the voice of Blue Cat Robot, and Doraemon is her favourite character also. So when we asked how hard is it to dub any animation she said,

It is very hard because when we dub for normal movies like Hollywood to Hindi or Hindi to Hindi like I have dubbed the voice of Amy Jackson for the movie Freaky Ali, we have our own choice in terms of voice. But in animation we have to play that character, we have to change our voice. We have to laugh in that voice, we have to scream in that voice, we have to cry and even we have to breathe in that voice. In animation the character is not real, for example an elephant. So, we have to imagine which kind of voice will suit for the particular character.

The Voice Of Chhota Bheem

The hero of Dholakpur, Chhota Bheem, is one of the most loved Indian cartoon characters. She is also the voice of Chhota Bheem. She has dubbed for an upcoming movie, Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka. Also, the English episodes of Mighty Raju and Shinchan have been dubbed by her. She has dubbed a number of cartoon characters and movies. She has done a voice-over of so many shows of National Geographics. You can now imagine how powerful her voice is!

Caring Of The Voice

In 2015, when she was recording for the Johnny Test, she had to scream a lot to dub the voice of Johnny. As a result, her vocal cords got swollen, and she had to take complete rest for ten days. So she told us,

I do not follow any special routine to care for my Voice. Usually, I work from 10 AM to 9 PM, and I record everything back to back. Currently, I am recording for Disney, Pogo, Nick, a Netflix series and also for two upcoming movies. I usually drink hot water before recording at the studio. I avoid eating sour food and coconut.

She is not just a great voice artist, but she is a full package of Art. Her hobby list includes many creative things. She likes to workout daily, also loves singing and dancing. She spent her time on Art and craft. The motormouth has given her voice to more than 200 characters, and probably the real number is bigger than it because she has never counted it!

We asked Sonal Ma’am how it feels when little kids ask you to say something in the Voice of Doraemon. She replied,

I love the reaction of kids when I talk to them in the voice of Doraemon. Sometimes the kids saw me like they are seeing God. The smile on their face is the biggest motivation for me to do what I’m doing.

How To Be A Voice Artist

We asked Sonal Ma’am to give some suggestions or tips to the youngsters who want to become a voice artist. She answered,

Most of the work of Voice Artist is done at Mumbai, so if anyone wants to join this field they should get ready to move to the Mumbai. You should passionate about it and most importantly you should have time because it takes time to learn all these things and there is a struggle in this field.

When you are dubbing, the original sound is playing on your headphones, there is a screen in front of you, you are listening to your own voice also and there is a script. So you have to do all of these things together. You have to match the expression and poses, and at the same time, you have to modulate your voice. So you have to get trained before you entered the studio. Voice over is easier than voice dubbing because you just have to do the narration. Also, if you can not move to Mumbai, you can get more details of this field from your nearest All India Radio station.

Rajesh Kava ( The Voice Of Harry Potter & Jaggu ) and Sonal Kaushal started Violet Wings Voice Academy one year ago. They teach to dub and modulate the voice. Six batches are already passed, and the students of this academy are now working in the industry. One student has given his voice in the Aquaman movie for the character of young Aquaman.

We are trying to share our talent and experience to as many people as possible. Also, we want to help the young talent of our country. Many of them don’t know how to start, so our aim is to provide all the knowledge about this field.

That’s it in this very sweet conversation with Sonal Kaushal Aka The Motor Mouth. It was such an honour for us to have a conversation with her. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @the_motormouth and don’t forget to subscribe the channel The Motor Mouth on YouTube.

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