The Best Cruising and Wander Destinations in Sikkim

India’s north-eastern region holds incomparable natural wonders. Among many beautiful states of that part, Sikkim is best to quench your wanderlust. Nicely tucked away in the gorgeous Himalayas, the state is ideal for tension and hustle free vacation.

If you ever wished of meandering in endless green trails while feeling the fresh breeze or idly spend time admiring nature then, visit Sikkim. The serene ambience, unparalleled beauty, snow-clad cliffs and spiritual monasteries will not only help you in relaxing but also purify your mind and soul.

Sikkim tourism is still not that much popular but, people who really know its real value desires to visit this state again and again. There are magical destinations where you feel like wandering without any concern of time. We have made a list of places that are best for cruising and rambling in Sikkim. Keep reading to know more!


ravangla sikkim

Ravangla is a small quaint town situated in South Sikkim. For people who want to spend tranquil moments in the lap of nature, Ravangla is perfect. Settled amidst the hills of Tendong and Meanam, this town is a treat for every traveller.

Clean and green surroundings, panoramic views, beautiful structures and what not! This town has everything to make you cherish your Sikkim trip. For seeking spiritual peace, travellers visit Buddhist Kagyu sect’s Ralang Monastery. A huge golden statue of Lord Buddha is placed in the central area of the town; Budhha Garden. Ravangla is a paradise for trekkers having hills like Meanam and Borong.

Places to Visit Around: Buddha Park, Ralang Monastery, Bon Monastery, Maenam Hill, Tedong Hill, Temi Tea Estate, Borong and Rayong Sunrise View Point.

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Kaluk Sikkim

If you wish to go on a natural retreat away from your hectic city life then, add Kaluk into your Sikkim tour’s list without any second thoughts. The land of utmost calmness and tranquillity, this small town of western Sikkim is best for those who love the simplicity and natural beauty rather than big buildings and artificial attractions.

Located at an elevation of 5600 feet, Kaluk holds a rich history, spirituality and unique culture along with natural charms. Stroll over the hiking trails to Rinchenpong until you see the clouds floating under your feet! Or enjoy the scenic vistas of world’s third largest mountain range – Kanchenjunga while sipping hot tea. In any way, this place will help in opening new realms of your mind!

Places to Visit Around: Rinchenpong, Geysing, Singshore Bridge, and Pelling.


Gyalshing sikkim

Gyalshing is a beautiful yet lesser known town in West Sikkim. The word Gyalshing means ‘King’s Garden’ which suits this place very well. It is said that once there were alluring Royal Gardens in Gyalshing.

Nature admirers must visit Khecheopalri Lake while staying in this town. Just close your eyes and make a wish with pure intentions at this sacred lake. Yes, wishes come true here! Don’t miss to explore the 17th-century Pemayangtse Monastery in this town. Shopping lovers can head to the 100-year-old market known as Gyalshing Baazar. The town is home to the largest and holiest wall of Sikkim – Mendang; which is a top tourist attraction.

Places to Visit Around: Khecheopalri Lake, Pemayangtse Monastery Yangtey, and Rabdentse Ruins.


borong sikkim

Overlooking lofty mountains and natural grandeur, Borong is a captivating village ideal for wanderers and travellers. Perched at the height of 5800 feet, this village is famous for ‘Borong Tsachu’ that is a hot water spring.

Borong is also part of an enthralling trekking trail which commences from Namchi or Damthang. So; trekkers love to visit this town. You can mingle with the villagers to know about Sikkimese culture while savouring the natural panoramas here. Apart from it, there are a few attractive tourist spots like Barmeli Bridge, Fatam Village, monasteries like Borong and Ralong. You won’t face any hustle or rush in Borong as it is still unknown to many tourists.

Places to Visit Around: Maenam Hill, Tedong Hill, Bon Monastery, and Ralong Hot Springs.


Sumbuk sikkim

Sumbuk is one of the enticing hidden gems located in the Southern area of Sikkim. Embellished with exquisite flora and fauna, this town is divided into two parts namely Upper Sumbuk and Lower Sumbuk. The breath-taking gardens, picturesque river banks, ancient temples and colourful peacocks together provide an unforgettable experience to the travellers here.

If you are an avid bird watcher then, you would love to visit Peacock Breeding Forest in Lower Sumbuk. You can see creatures like peacocks of varied hues and hornbills in this breeding forest. Enjoy the astounding views of some parts of West Bengal from Kolompeh Rocky Mountain. In Upper Sumbuk, you should visit Phool Dnara where one can witness the beautiful Rhododendron, Pines, Wild Orchids and Wild Strawberries.

Places to Visit around: Peacock Breeding Forest, PhoolDnara, TamleyPokhari, TamleyChaur and KolompleRocky Mountain.

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary sikkim

If the idea of watching scores of flower species excites you then, Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is meant surely for you. Located in the western region, Barsley is a colourful Rhododendron Sanctuary. You would be able to view flowers of various shades and hues to the point where your gaze can reach in the 104 sq. km sanctuary.

The animals also live in perfect harmony with vegetation in this area. Be ready to spot endangered Red Panda, Leopard, Khaleej, Himalayan Palm Civet, Monal Pheasant, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Himalayan Langur and many more rare species while exploring this sanctuary. Capture the images of appealing flowers or mighty Singalila Range on your expedition to the sanctuary.

Places to Visit Around: Pelling, Yangtey, Geyzing, Pemayangtse, Rabdentse Ruins and Biksthang.

So, there is no dearth of charming destinations in Sikkim where you can wander and chill without any worries. Sikkim tourism will reach another level if tourists would visit these hidden wonders of the state. We know you are one of these rare travellers who love to visit unique destinations like Sikkim. Have a lovely trip!

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