Send message to anyone on WhatsApp like this, your number will not go


Whatsapp Number: When you send a message to anyone on WhatsApp, your number goes. If you want you to send a message on WhatsApp to anyone and that too without revealing your number, then we are going to tell you how you can do this work. So let us tell you its complete process.

WhatsApp gives many such features to its users. To use these features, you have to register on the app with your mobile number. But many times users want that they can send messages to anyone without creating a WhatsApp account from their number. So this is an easy way. For this you have to take the help of virtual number. Meaning you have to take a new virtual number. from a virtual number WhatsApp You can register on . The virtual number is different from your physical SIM card, but you can receive calls and messages on it just like a regular number.

how to get virtual number

Users will have to take the help of a third party app to get the virtual number. If you want, you can take a virtual number with the help of apps like Doosra, TextNow or websites like Sontel. Apart from these, many free apps will also be found on Google Play Store which give free virtual numbers. However, the problem with the free service is that other users can also access this number and you may lose access to your number.

You can easily download the Doosra app according to the platform of your phone. After taking subscription in this, you are issued a virtual number. You can use this for registration on WhatsApp.

After registering, you will have to verify your WhatsApp number which will be done through OTP. You will get OTP in the app itself so that you will be able to verify your account on WhatsApp. After this, you can use WhatsApp with a virtual number and your privacy will also remain. That is, your real number will be safe. Now whenever you chat with someone on WhatsApp, your number will not go, only the virtual number will go.



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