Send Christmas stickers to your friends and family like this, here is the whole process

Happy Christmas Day 2021 Wishes Stickers: Christmas 2021 has arrived and for those of you who want to send Merry Christmas wishes to your family, friends and loved ones, a plain text message might sound very boring. Instead, you can send some nice Christmas wishes stickers via WhatsApp. Here’s how to download and send Christmas wishes from your phone in a few easy steps.

Installing Christmas sticker packs
There are many sticker packs to install in the Google Play Store. Just open play store on your phone and search for “Christmas stickers” and install one of these apps. The one we’re trying out is called “Christmas Stickers” by Festive Apps.

Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the sticker pack so that they are available on WhatsApp. Most apps will have multiple sticker packs that include both still and animated stickers. Choose the packs you want and add them to WhatsApp.

Using stickers on WhatsApp
Open WhatsApp and navigate to the individual chat or group chat where you want to send the stickers. Open the Emoji button and go to the Stickers tab on the right. Here, you will see several sticker packs, which should be the one you installed in step one.

To open that particular sticker pack, tab on the sticker pack header and scroll to select which sticker you want to send. Once you know which stickers to send, simply tap on them and send. You can also add stickers for any other festival including New Year 2022 by using the steps mentioned here.


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