Sanjay Gandhi will be moved to Delhi, I will not get the house – when Indira was upset

Meanwhile, on 23 June 1980, Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash. Indira was forced to field her eldest son Rajiv Gandhi in the field of politics.

The people of India have a great desire to know about the Prime Ministers of the country. The tales of politics are found somewhere, but still, in the era of information turmoil, getting solid and correct information is no less than any research. But when it comes to the seventies, the name of Indira Gandhi definitely comes to the fore. The seventies were the decade of Indira Gandhi. In the same decade, after bringing Pakistan to its knees, Indira made a separate country named Bangladesh. This was the decade that Indira Gandhi also started to fear that she would not be given any house to live in, let’s know what was such a thing-

Wanted to send Indira to jail: According to the late Chandrashekhar’s book ‘Jeevan Jaisa Jiya’, Chandrashekhar had said that Indira Gandhi should be left to her plight after she was defeated in the election. Chandrashekhar himself believed in the fact that losing in the election is the biggest punishment. But many people in the government were against this opinion. Prime Minister himself, Home Minister etc. These people wanted to send Indira Gandhi to jail. According to Chandrashekhar, the night Indira Gandhi was arrested, she had gone to Sharad Pawar’s place for dinner. There was information that Indira ji has been arrested.

Fear in Indira’s mind: It is written in the book quoting Chandreshkhar that on the second day the magistrate released Indira ji without taking bail. Rajnarayan ji, who was present in one of the rooms, was saying, ‘Keep Indira in Misa’. Well Chandrashekhar says this is immediately after the Lok Sabha elections; When he went to meet Indira, she was still in her official home in Safdarjung. Indira said, ‘People come and tell that Sanjay Gandhi will be tortured. Will be rotated to Delhi. I will not get a house. Our security will be cut. After hearing this, Chandrashekhar immediately went running to Morarji.

Morarji said that he will not give the house: Chandrashekhar asked Morarji, will you not give a house to Indira? On this Morarji categorically refused and said that he will not give because it does not come under the rule. After that there was a lot of debate between the two, the family of Zakir Hussain, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Lalit Narayan Mishra has got a house, what about it? Morarji’s point was clear, I will cancel his too.

Sanjay stood with Indira: On June 12, 1975, the Allahabad High Court pronounced the decision to annul the election of Indira Gandhi. Even after this, Indira was not ready to rise from the chair of power. Sanjay Gandhi also wanted that this power should not go from the hands of his mother. On the other hand, the opposition was continuously putting pressure on Indira that in the meantime it was decided to impose emergency in the country on the night of 25 June. In the middle of the night, Indira got the then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed to sign the decision of emergency. After which it is as if there has been an earthquake in the country.

Controversy on The Washington Post: After the imposition of Emergency, there was an earthquake when a report purportedly published in The Washington Post claimed that Sanjay Gandhi had slapped his mother Indira during a dinner party. It is said that only after this, the government sent an order to leave the country to The Washington Post journalist Lewis M Simmons, who wrote this news within five hours.


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