Russia launched a horrific attack on Ukraine

Kyiv. Russia has launched a horrific attack on Ukraine after the explosion and collapse of the bridge connecting Russia and Crimea. Russia fired 83 missiles late on Sunday at nine cities, including the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. 12 people were killed and 57 injured in this attack. At least 43 people have been killed in Russian attacks in the past week. Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has been quoted as saying that if Ukraine targets Russian cities and nuclear bases, then the consequences will be dire.

On Saturday, Ukraine blew up Russia’s Kerch Bridge. This bridge connects Russia with Crimea. Russia called the breaking of this bridge a terrorist act and started retribution within 48 hours. Ukraine’s Parkovy Bridge was also destroyed in a Russian attack on Sunday. It was built for pedestrians on the Niper River. After the attack on Ukraine, Putin released a video and said – We used lethal weapons in the attack. Ukraine’s infrastructure will be destroyed. There is a conspiracy to destroy Russian cities and especially nuclear bases.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to Putin’s video. He said- If Moscow thinks that it will bow down to us, then it is its misunderstanding. The people of Ukraine will not bow down or stop. Every attack will be responded to very quickly. Zelensky said – after today’s attacks, a meeting of the G-7 should be called immediately. Russia has carried out terrorist attacks. According to the Ukrainian newspaper ‘Kyiv Independent’, orders have been issued to close all schools in Ukraine and only online classes will run till October 14.

India in support of reducing tension

India has said that it is ready to support efforts to de-escalate tensions after the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine erupted again. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi, while answering media queries on Ukraine, said on Monday that India is concerned about escalating tensions in the Ukraine war. He said infrastructure is being targeted and civilians are being killed.

Arindam Bagchi said- We repeat again that no one will benefit from further escalation of war. India appeals to reduce the tension immediately and resolve the differences through diplomacy and dialogue. He said- India is ready to support all efforts to reduce tension. Bagchi said India has maintained since the beginning of the war that the global order, works in accordance with the principles of the United Nations, that international law must be respected and the borders and sovereignty of all countries must be respected.

Rajkamal Kanneti

Rajkamal Kanneti is a senior journalist for the last 3 years with Youthistaan. Prior to joining Youthistaan, He was working for news18. Special interest in Politics, Crime, Entertainment and Technology news. Twitter : rajkamal0069
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