Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of Britain, 200 years old history changed!

New Delhi | Rishi Sunak Britain PM: After the resignation of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, Britain’s Prince Charles III has appointed Rishi Sunak as the new Prime Minister of Britain. In such a situation, Sunak has formally become the 57th Prime Minister of Britain. As soon as Sunak became the PM, Liz Truss also praised him and said that I assure the people that the good days of our country are going to come. The troubles that Britain is facing these days will all end now.

i will not talk but act
Rishi Sunak Britain PM: As soon as Rishi Sunak took over the power of Britain, the history of Britain also changed for 200 years. Sunak Britney has been elected as the youngest Prime Minister in history. After becoming the Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak said at 10 Downing Street that, our country is currently facing a big economic crisis and post-Covid difficulties. I assure you that I will not only talk, but will work to get out of this crisis.

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Chance to rectify the mistakes of old prime ministers
Rishi Sunak Britain PM: After taking oath, Rishi Sunak said that I have been given a chance to rectify some mistakes made by the old Prime Ministers. However, he praised Liz Truss’s efforts to bring about a change in Britain, saying that while she made some mistakes, she did not have bad intentions behind these mistakes.

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