Quit The Game

Imagine that problems are coming in your life from all the sides. Everyday is becoming more difficult for you. No one in your side. Your confidence level is going down. You are tired of from this world. Mind not working, Heart telling you something weird.

Why I’m telling you to imagine such nagative things ?

Answer is…..

In everyone’s life there is a darken part. We are full of confidence though sometimes our confidence is not enough to face such difficulties. Our mind stop working. In such difficult time, usually our families, friends or someone whom we trust most is not with us. One thinks about quitting the game. And I think one should quit the game !!

Is this right decision ?

Yes, definitely. One should always quit the game in such situations. Why ? Because after quitting the game, we can start our new game, With new powers, new weapons, new energy, new confidence, new plan…

Just like moblie games, we have to play life’s game very smartly. Games are made for playing. It doesn’t matter how many times we win or lose. Just keep playing. If such difficult situations arrive, just quit the game. Again start your game with “new”. 

One more thing meaning of quitting the game is not that one left his/her dream. Stop following his/her heart. The real meaning of quitting the game is to just play the game hardly. And to play game hardly quit the game, think about yourself, collect some power then play the game harder. That no one can beat you. You’re full with confidence, power, weapons. Now you can easily defeat your enemies.

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