Dreams Never Die

Follow Your Dream” you listen to this line many times. But do you know why and how to follow your dream? Keep reading this article and I hope you will get all the answers about your dream after reading this article.

All have a dream. Either they know or not. Either they shout loud and tell to the world about their dream or not. And that’s the biggest problem. Why to fear if you want to achieve something. You are not doing anything bad, you’re just following the order (or request) of your heart. And one should must follow this.

A Dream Is A Wish

Your Heart Makes.


The path towards your dream will not clean and clear. It’s full of difficulties. But it’s doesn’t mean that you can’t walk on it. If you really want to live your dream you have to keep waking on this path any how.

There is nothing more important than your parents’ happiness. One should not do anything that hurts his parents. Always try to keep them happy and make them proud on you. Once they will support you for your dream. It’s done. Now you’re all set to rock the world.

Be A

Rule Breaker.

Risk Taker.

Dream Chaser.

There are many motivators, who can motivate us. But they only motivate us. They’ll not walk with us. Remember that you have to travel alone to reach at your desire place.

Don’t be affraid of society and peoples. They will continues to do their ‘comments’. Don’t even reply to them. Once you follow your dream and reach at your destination your success will give answer to the whole world.

In 7.4 billion people, you, only you can do, and you have to do something unique. Never think that you can’t do it. Why ? Arunima Sinha, with an artificial leg she climbed Mt. Everest. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was a humble tea-vendor. Now no need to tell you the success story of him.

It’s just for example. You have to create your own example. Nothing is impossible. Many people proved it. Some people don’t believe in it. No problem, let them do their work.

There is a darken part of life in which we all have to pass through. That’s the time, you have to prove yourself. The real struggle is that. You can quit the game, no one will ask you. But if you keep playing, no one can beat you. You will rock the world. So are you Ready to start your game ?

So, Are You Guyz Ready To Do Your Best ?

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