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Prophet’s Controversy: The Controversy

In India and in Islamic countries, there is a debate about the Prophet-dispute. Accepting the statement of two BJP people, which some Islamic nations had objected to, both apologized and the Indian government did not even take the side of both. In such a situation, all the controversy should have been settled, but this dispute is dragging on like Draupadi’s rag. While the police in Delhi has registered a report against 31 persons, some Islamists have declared a reward of lakhs and crores for anyone who has shaved or cut off their tongues. Till now people do not know why the remarks were made on Prophet Muhammad and what was said in that remark.

The number of supporters and opponents of the comment continues to grow. The same is the case with Islamic countries. A country like Pakistan, which is itself in deep trouble, has now caught a new quail. There is a race between Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Imran as to who will go ahead in condemning India. A temple in Karachi has also been vandalized. The Shahbaz government has become alert about the possibility of a massive attack on the Hindus of Pakistan. Here swords have been drawn between the Maldivian government and its opposition. Just as Pakistan’s Parliament has passed a resolution condemning India, the Maldivian opposition leaders want to pass a resolution in their own Parliament as well. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is trying its best to catch this matter in the forums of the United Nations as well. Nowadays Abdulla Shahid of Maldives is the President of the United Nations General Assembly.

He became the president after defeating Pakistan but he is taking a very moderate stand on this issue. We have to praise Iran that it was during this dispute that it sent its foreign minister to India and opened new dimensions of mutual cooperation. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has 57 members, but hardly a dozen of them have expressed their displeasure with India. The rest of the members are not able to understand what is the real issue of this Prophet-controversy. The leaders of the opposition parties of India, especially the Congress, are beating their vulgarity by issuing ludicrous statements on this issue. What is most gratifying is that the average Muslim in India has maintained his restraint. Some prominent Muslim organizations have also expressed satisfaction over the action taken against BJP spokespersons. But hardliners on both sides have stuck to their stand. They are not missing to hit each other. They are throwing mud at each other’s legends. India and the Islamic nation are currently grappling with many serious challenges. Far from fighting them together, they are neither doing any good to themselves nor protecting the honor of their religious great men by getting caught in this tussle.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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