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Pregnancy Mein Kya Karna Chahiye : The time of pregnancy is very special for any woman. Because no one else can feel the first feeling of becoming a mother. Yes, along with the woman, the husband and the whole family get happiness. During pregnancy, women are advised to take all kinds of precautions (Pregnancy Me kya Savdhani Barte).

From the diet and lifestyle of a pregnant woman, care is taken in every way. But there are many things that a pregnant woman should keep herself. Along with taking precautions during pregnancy, there are many other things that should be kept in mind. Let us know what are the things that can have a bad effect on the child growing in the womb with women.

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Pay special attention to diet (Pregnant Women Healthy foods)

This is such a time when the mother to be born has to take care of the child growing in the womb along with her. Because whatever nutritious food the mother will eat, the child will also get it. This woman should take full care of her food and drink during this time. At this time, women should not eat outside food and also do not consume fast food. Because eating fried and fried can lead to obesity in the child. Therefore, eat only fruits, milk and green vegetables as much as possible.

Do not take this medicine together(Ek Sath Na Khaye Ye Dava)

After the first trimester of pregnancy, that is, after the fourth month, the pregnant woman is given iron and calcium medicines to eat. In such a situation, keep in mind that do not take both the medicines together. Give a gap between their meals.

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Medical advice is necessary from time to time(Doctors Advice)

Hormonal changes occur in women during pregnancy. Due to which women face many problems. In this case, do not ignore and contact the doctor. And if the woman has problems like headache, poor vision, swelling in the abdomen, burning in urine, then contact the doctor immediately.

Take the right diet

Often women do not pay attention to themselves, due to which the child in the womb does not get proper nutrition. And due to lack of proper nutrition, the physical and mental development of the child is not possible. Due to which the child is born underdeveloped or with other diseases. Therefore, pregnant women should include everything in their diet so that the health of both is good.

Do not eat raw papaya (Kaccha Papita Na Khaye)

According to a research, ripe papaya can be eaten during pregnancy, but half raw or whole raw papaya is harmful for pregnant women. It is harmful for the baby and the mother. People have different beliefs about papaya. By the way, it has been seen mostly that pregnant women do not consume papaya.

Note- Before adopting anything through the article, please consult your doctor.


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