Fancall – The Name of the New Digital Revolution

Just when you think the digital world cannot throw any more surprises your way, it does. Here’s one such groundbreaking innovation that promises to be the talk of the (digital) town. An application called Fancall – the brainchild of founder Akash Chaudhary of Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

With its unique proposition of bringing YouTubers and viewers a step closer, this pioneering work dares to do what nobody has dared to do yet. Enable secure, personal, and direct video calls between YouTube celebrities and their audiences. Yes, that’s exactly what this app proposes. With the exponential growth of the YouTube community, there was also an increase in the communication gap. Fancall offers to iron out the kinks by establishing a quick, direct line of communication between the two.

This YouTubers-only platform can be leveraged by both ardent viewers and admires as well as brands looking for collaboration opportunities with YouTube influencers. No more waiting for days before you get a reply to your emails or DMs. All you need to do is register on the app, book a suitable slot for the call, compensate the YouTuber for their time, and connect at the agreed-upon time. Not only does this help make the communication much quicker, but also much more clear and coherent, with little to no room for the kind of ambiguity that strictly written forms of communication may entail.

YouTubers also stand to gain quite a bit from this revolutionary idea. This can expedite their growth rate by helping them connect with their audiences, which plays a huge role in the journey, as well as by ensuring minimum delay and hassles while hunting for brand collaborations or partnerships.

With the future of YouTube estimated to grow exponentially over the coming years, Fancall serves to accelerate that growth by bringing the world a step closer to a digital revolution.

The founder, Akash Chaudhary, says, “The Fancall platform is not just a marketplace where content creators and brands connect, but it can be used for so much more. Now anyone who is a fan or a student of a YouTuber can also quite easily connect and get to have a personal conversation with them, get to understand concepts better, get to learn things better.”

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