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Population, death and inflation

The population of India is bursting, so the clouds are bursting on the lives of the people. Inflation is on the rise. It was only yesterday that there were more than two hundred deaths due to rain, floods in India. Today it is news that curd is also going to be expensive due to GST! But who is all this affecting? on no one? India is a country in which even after 75 years of independence there is no understanding that people can be saved even in natural calamities! Be it Mumbai and Bihar, every year there is loss of life and property due to rain. What do the governments, officials and citizens of India believe one can do? It is the leela of God. Cloud burst in Kedarnath, Amarnath and people died then they went to heaven. Disasters like hurricane, cyclone, tsunami, severe heat are incurable, so when people die, they die, what can we do!

The same is the case with all the difficulties of living, inflation etc. People do not even think that even in natural calamities, there can be measures to save lives or at least the inflation of essential things can be stopped. Advance preparation should be done. Knowing the realities of climate change, all the developed countries of the world are making advance preparations to save people. Recently, severe storms caused flooding in southern China. Many cities were filled with mud silt. From there, due to the increased flow and rains of Brahmaputra, there was heavy destruction in Assam, Bangladesh, but there are no reports of deaths in China, while there is heavy loss of life and property in Assam, Bangladesh. So there is less damage in China because it has implemented the ‘Water Detective’ huge project since 2012 to build natural water flow, so that the damage caused by both flood and drought conditions is minimal. Governments and engineers of India have no imagination of such work. That is why despite the floods in Mumbai and Bihar every year, the solution is that people lose their lives and property every year. Japan, France, Europe are getting scorching heat from the heat but as I wrote in my column that Japan immediately made special AC centers for the old population, so that they can live happily. Japan is a tsunami-hit country but has built such cement walls on the banks of the sea that minimum damage is done. Japan, Europe are making advance arrangements to know the reality of climate change but I have not read anywhere in Gujarat that till July 10, there was drought in Chhota Udaipur, Tapi, Ahmedabad and Panchmahal, but from July 10, as if there were cloudbursts and floods. The government understood that this is proof of climate change and wake up now.

You can say that Assam or Gujarat in a crowd of 140 crore people, disasters and calamities do not mean deaths for all and Indians, whereas the deaths of Hindus versus Muslims do. Media and people will be lost in it round the clock. In such a situation, imagine how the people of India will be dying due to climate change in 2050 and yet how much more deadly will be the strife of mutual fighting? am i wrong?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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