PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022 Online Apply – Get Details

Pradhan Mantri Gyanveer Yojana 2022

Through the Pradhan Mantri Gyanveer Yojana, the participants will get Rs 3,400 per month under the program. This is not a fact. By discussing this fact, we will tell you through this article what is the truth? We had to publish this article long back because this scheme is also in discussion on social media, claiming that PM Gyanveer Yojana is true. In this article, we are going to give complete details. To know the details of PM Gyanveer Yojana, read the article till the end.

Prime Minister Gyanveer Scheme 2022

There has been a significant increase over the years in the number of programs launched by the federal and state governments of India to provide financial assistance to the Indian population. Due to this, the Prime Minister of India has started PM Gyanveer Yojana. Under which financial assistance of Rs 3400 per month will be given to the beneficiaries. Along with this, some programs have also been specially targeted to provide financial assistance to farmers, women, and youth during their lives.

This means that every year new schemes are launched, and they are also gaining popularity on various social media platforms. But it is not correct, it means that it is not run by the government. Keeping all these things in mind, recently a message went viral on social media. Accordingly, if the users link through the PM Gyanveer Yojana program, then they will get Rs 3,400. This is not true.

PM Gyanveer Scheme 2022 Apply Online

Highlights of PM Gyanveer Scheme 2022 Apply Online

Name the Scheme Pradhan Mantri Gyanveer Yojana
Launched By PIB and AAP
Category: Central Government
Amount Rs. 3400/-
Registration Start from Notified Soon
Last Date to Apply Online Notified Soon
Mode of Apply Online
official website

Fact Check about PIB’s PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022

Several financial aid packages have been launched by the federal and state governments of India. Similarly, another scheme to provide financial assistance has been broadcast on WhatsApp. In order to ascertain the truth and present the real story to the citizens of India, a fact check has been done. Due to this, he has told the truth of this PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022.

PIB Tweeted Claim This PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022

From This tweet, PM Gyanveer Yojana will give Rs 3,400 per month to all who will register themselves in this scheme. But this claim is not true and doesn’t give any of these sites or links access to your personal information. With this make sure to “Fact Check” before forwarding such messages.

Be especially wary of planning fake posts on social media

PIB has asked for this Pradhan Mantri Gyanveer Yojana that all the people using all social media should be aware of the viral messages on these platforms whether it is correct or not. Because any relationship on social media lacks a valid, authentic source of knowledge, even without knowledge, it is transmitted or shared. Along with this, people do harm especially if they do not know the right information on WhatsApp University.

How to know if the link is real or fake?

There are several ways to find out if the link/news is fake. The following are –

  • Most of the schemes are announced on the official Twitter pages of the respective government on or before the launch date. A program or benefit is being sought through AAP, but it is not mentioned anywhere on the government’s website.
  • Such communication is available, in which fact-checking can verify its genuineness. Along with this, you can do fact-checking through PIB. If you check through PIB, first of all, go to, WhatsApp number among other options +918799711259 or Email: [email protected]. and can find out.
  • Mostly the story in question is a concoction that has been spread on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. So, we need to stay away from all these types of stories. Do not take information from sites other than the website at the end of which gov is not linked.


Through this article, we have told you whether the information related to PM Gyanveer Yojana 2022 is true or false and along with this, we have also told you how you can find out about any scheme or any news. Whether it is true or false, if you have found our article beneficial, then you can also bookmark our website, along with this, if you have any kind of problem, you can also ask us by commenting, and we and our team will solve your problem. Always looking forward to it.

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