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Pair me Kutta Katne ka ilaj : Most of the people keep dogs in their homes. There are many varieties of dogs are available in the market, seeing which makes your mind want to take them. Sometimes these dogs can even bite. Then it becomes a matter of thinking that what treatment should be done on the bite of these dogs so that the disease caused by the animal can be avoided.

Sometimes stray dogs are seen on the streets, nothing can be said when they bite. If it bites then there is no need to panic, wash the place where the dog has bitten with clean water and see a doctor nearby. If you are not able to go to the doctor, then you can do many home remedies to prevent it at home.

Today, through this article, we know what to do if a dog bites on the leg. Reason for dog bite in leg (Pair me kutta katne ke karan), Home remedy for dog bite in leg ) know about all this information.

Pair me kutta katne ke karan

Whether it is a domestic dog or a stray bite, both domestic dogs can grab your leg to show their love. But sometimes their nails or teeth get stuck. When dogs are small, the risk of their bite is less, but when they start getting older, the risk of their bite also increases. Sometimes they also bite because of being more aggressive.

Dog Bite Treat (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Which hinge should be fitted when a dog bites on the leg (Pair me kutta pr kaun sa tika lagwaye)

Anti-rabies vaccine is essential for dog bites. Anti-rabies vaccine is very effective in preventing rabies disease. Anti-rabies vaccine is given when a person is bitten by an animal such as a rabid dog, wolf.

Home remedies for dog bite in leg (Pair me kutta katne ka gharelu ilaj)

There are many home remedies for dog bite in the leg, let’s know these measures. which are as follows –


Benefits of Honey for Dog Bite (Concept Photo - Social Media)

Benefits of Honey for Dog Bite (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Grinding raw onion and mixing honey in it on dog bite proves to be very effective in stopping its spreading poison. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to which it is very beneficial in preventing such poison.

black pepper

Black pepper home remedy for dog bite is very effective. At the place where the dog has bitten, put 10-15 black pepper and 2 teaspoon cumin seeds in water and grind it well, then apply it on the dog’s bitten place. Its effect will be very good in a few days.


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