New Zealand: Crores of rupees came in the account due to a mistake of the bank, this man started living like a king, started losing money in the casino and then this happened…..!

Originally a film based on the story of Leo Gao of China, 48 crores were deposited in the account due to a mistake of a bank employee.

What if you suddenly get a lot of money in your bank account? What will you do? Whatever you do at the moment, don’t do what this person did. Actually we are talking about Leo Gao, who lives in New Zealand, who was once struggling with money and suddenly about 48 crore rupees came in his account. Due to the mistake of the bank, he became a millionaire in a jiffy, without thinking anything and without informing the bank, he spent more than 32 crores of those money. At the same time, he also left the country with his wife and children for fear of being caught. But luck! In the end, he was caught by the police. Actually, this is the story of Leo Gao, who lives in New Zealand, whose film ‘Runway Millionaires’ came in 2019 on bank fraud. Now the story of the same Leo is once again in discussion.

What is the story of Leo Gao

According to ‘The Sun’, Leo, the owner of a petrol pump, was originally a Chinese. Leo’s wife Kara Huering and a son lived with him. At that time he was going through financial crisis. He was in dire need of money. One day Leo Gao applied for overdraft in Westpac Bank where Rs 47 crore 78 lakh got credited to his account due to the mistake of the bank worker. Leo did not inform the bank about this. Explain that overdraft is a financial facility provided by the bank. This is a type of short-term loan, which has to be repaid within a stipulated time. For this, the bank charges interest according to the amount given.

started living the luxury life

Let us tell that as soon as he became a millionaire, Leo went out for a walk with his wife and child. They partyed fiercely and spent a lot of money. Not only this, Leo took out Rs 2 crore and transferred it to another account. By the time the bank came to know about his mistake, Leo along with his wife had transferred crores of rupees to 23 different bank accounts. During this, he did a total of 39 bank transactions. Leo left the country with his wife and child and fled to China. He had withdrawn about Rs 32 crore from the account.

The bank informed the police, then got caught

Here in New Zealand, when the bank came to know about his mistake, he informed the police. After this, an Interpol alert was issued to nab Gao and his family. Leo was arrested from Hong Kong. His wife was also arrested. With the help of an extradition treaty from Hong Kong, Leo was brought to New Zealand and presented in court. Where he was sentenced to 16 months in prison. He was released in 2013 after the completion of his sentence. Whereas, during this time his wife was sentenced to house arrest for 9 months. On the other hand, the bank worker who committed the mistake was fired.

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